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Designing your life might sound like something so out of reach, but all it takes is some clear visions, dedication and maybe some training courses.

To start crafting your life, have a look at what you don’t like now. Is it your working hours? The job or career you currently have? Do you want to make more money? All of those are possible; it just might mean you are doing both your current job and your new one at the same time for a while. Start by taking a sheet of paper, or a new notebook, and think about what your ideal day – including some type of work – might look like.

Be specific, write down what time you would wake up, what you would eat and drink, think about things like if you read a newspaper, or scroll the news on a tablet. Go into detail.

After you have created your whole day, use the notebook to build yourself a vision board. Vision boards have both been proven to work, and shown not too. However, looking at motivational images, quotes that inspire you and seeing your goals will help keep you focused.

Use colors that make you feel something, brights, darks, and pastels all have a place in your space, so build your vision board however makes you happy.

Now, deep dive what you have written down for a career. Is it something like ‘win the lottery’ or is it something that is achievable and something you can aim for? Here are a few professions that work beautifully with flexible people like you:

  • Blogging and Vlogging – building yourself as a brand online
  • Building an Investment portfolio – this one might take some time, and you’ll likely need to learn how to invest and what to invest in. Check out some examples of CFDs here.
  • Content Writing – set up a simple website, think about investing in some online courses, or start writing for fun and add that as examples of your work.
  • Design – if you love creating gorgeous images and feel like you could take on someone else’s creative vision this might be up your street. Spend some time creating a few images and hit the internet to offer your design services.

Try not to devalue your future career by charging too low when you first start out, although you might really want to gather up new clients quickly, in the long run, it will be difficult to retain clients that started in a low price bracket to see why they should pay more later.

Set up a dedicated work area in your house, and use that whenever possible. Although working in coffee shops is a huge perk and a much-welcomed break from working alone, in the early days you might find you are spending much more than you’re making.

The idea is to find something you love, can do from home (or wherever you like) and make your life the way you’ve pictured for years. Work hard, play hard, earn hard and live beautifully.

Hope this post was helpful!

Until next time, 

Angel Zheng

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