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Finally had a sunday off this past weekend so I got to go enjoy our one day of sunshine in ages. It was absolutely FRIGID outside as there was actually a snowstorm the next day. But that makes me even more appreciative of being outdoors on sunday, especially be able to explore the beautiful Whytecliff Park.

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Whytecliff park is this beautiful little beach that has a walkway that leads to a separate little island rock figure. When you climb to the other side of the island (and yes, it’s a CLIMB) you get an unrestricted view of the water and it’s absolutely breath-taking. Fun fact: the land bridge that leads to the island gets swallowed up when the tides are high so make sure you head back to the beach before that happens! Or be prepared to spend the night on a little rocky island. Up to you. 

fullsizeoutput_221fullsizeoutput_13c fullsizeoutput_19b Although it was the biggest struggle shooting here (I fell and cut my knee through my distressed denim, I got wet from the waves, I was freezing through my clothes) it was definitely worth it after seeing the photos. It was a really nice little escape from the stress of school and work. It probably wasn’t the smartest life decision as I had two finals the next day (oops!) but I’m still super glad I went.

This school semester is finally coming to an end and I’m looking forward to many more adventures this winter. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit the Christmas market soon! 

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