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Got to go out and see Flume at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park yesterday ! I was actually able to cop the first tier of tickets a while back so I only had to pay 50 bucks ! It was a sold out show, and supposedly the tickets were actually selling for nearly 200 dollars yesterday. 

And oh man, was it 50 dollars well-spent. His opening act, this DJ called Sleepy Tom wasn’t all that great, but Flume himself was absolutely amazing. He played all of his classics like Tennis Court, Holdin On, You and Me etc, and also a few of his new releases that I haven’t heard before. It was a great mix of chill, summer songs and also some rowdy party jams. 

If you haven’t heard many of Flume’s songs before, I highly recommend you scroll down a little further and give his music a listen. I’ve embedded his soundcloud onto here, so you can get a taste of what I fortunately got to hear live last night  ! 

Here’s to lots of great music , and music festivals this summer ! 

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