So my summer has officially started. Didn’t do that well on my last final, but I’m just glad that it’s all over. Now I’ve got the next 5 months to live it up, before I have to go into full-time at BCIT in the fall. WHICH, will be brutal. And now to mention the end of my social life.

One thing I really want to do lots of this summer is hiking. I definitely am starting to realize I do not do make nearly good enough use of beautiful British Columbia… So I am definitely going to #explorebc A LOT this summer.

Two days before my last final, I was already feeling absolutely drained from all the studying, so I decided to ask Cathleen out for a nice long walk on the Iona Trail. These photos were taken by my GoPro Hero 4, and I’m still playing around with it, so ignore the shitty exposure and quality.


How beautiful is Vancouver though?

I’ve been trying to film more vlogs lately too, so here’s one of my little walk !

Definitely expect lots of photos and vlogs of my summer ! I’ve actually got quite a couple of really exciting things planned for the summer, and I will be sharing all the memories I will be creating, here with you guys !

More soon,

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