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Since I’ve started to work remotely, I’ve been wandering all around Vancouver to find coffee shops to work out of. My favourite thing about not being required to go to an office is being able to switch up my work environment whenever I want. But the coffee shop hunt has not been easy. There are a few resources I go-to to find ideas(The Vancouver Coffee Snob covers a lot of great coffee shops in van)—but being the millennial that I am, I want all the information I need to be right at my fingertips and I’ve always wished there were articles specifically geared towards places that I could go to work. 

So for all my freelancers and remote-workers out there, this one’s for you! 

Today I am working from JJ Bean in Olympic Village. 


Located right at the corner of Columbia and W1st Ave, It’s a bright corner spot with giant windows which I LOVE. Even on a rainy day the light fills up the entire place which is a huge plus in my books. They have a bunch of great couch seats with two people tables that line the right side of the coffee shop. Or you can choose to sit at their hightop bar area.

It’s two blocks up from the infamous baker island, so I think this would be a great place to go in Spring/Summer. You can go take a walk to baker island when you need to step away from your computer. 

Is It Busy?

I got here at around 12pm on a Wednesday and there were still quite a few spots left. It doesn’t seem like many people come here to sit and work as most guests are here for about 15 minutes only. But I checked the popular times on Google and seems like it’s only relatively not busy during the week (Tuesday–Friday) while Sat, Sun, and Mon get pretty busy at times. 

Are There Outlets?

NO. None that I can see. So if you’re planning to get some work done here, come with your laptop charged! 

Is There Food?

Yes, they have a great selection of sandwiches and wraps all under the $10 mark. They serve them with a small side salad too which is great. My favourite is their Ham and Aged Cheddar Turnover. Such a great breakfast pastry. 

Those are all the main questions I wonder when I’m looking for a place to work. If you have anymore points you think that I should add to my list, let me know! I’ll be sure to add them to the next post. 

Until next time, 

Angel Zheng

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