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Did you know that we spend about a total of about 10 years of our life working? That’s A LOT of time. That’s why it is extremely important to enjoy what you do and find a career that you feel happy dedicating time and energy towards. If you’re ever feeling like you’re stuck at a dead-end job and not loving what you’re doing, it’s definitely time to start looking forward and considering where you could go next with your career. It is the era of entrepreneurship and startups, so why not ride the trend and find something that you love doing? Whether it’s taking a course to learn a specific skill set or using your current skill set to switch to a different position, there are many different resources and opportunities that can help you find your next career. 

Tap Into Your Network

One resource that many forget to use is their own network! Whether it’s ex-coworkers, old classmates, or even just your friends and family, having a lot of good connections could make it a lot easier for you to discover your next career move. Start by asking around your network and see if they know of any current opportunites or if any of them can introduce you to someone who could help. In a world so well connected through social media and even professional network sites like LinkedIn, you’re bound to have at least one or two people who can help push you in the right direction. 

Research Part-Time Courses

If you have an idea of what career you want to pursue but don’t quite think that you have the skill set to get there yet, it could be helpful to look into part-time courses that develop your skill set. If you’re in Vancouver, some great schools to look into are BrainStation, BCIT, and Red Academy. Most of these schools offer part-time night time classes that could be great to add to schedule while you’re still working at your current job.

Start Your Own Business

If looking for a job in a new company seems like a turn-off to you, maybe your next career move is being your own boss. There are definitely endless possibilities on what you could offer as a business—but either way, starting your own business could be a great way do exactly what it is that you love. If you’re looking to get a little help, there are great specialized loans that could help you get started, such as start up business loans for women

Careers mean different things to different people so it is important for you to discover what your dream career looks like for you. Whether it’s working your way up to becoming the CEO of a big company or starting a business of your own—it is important to know that there are tons of resources and tools that can help push you in that direction. 

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Angel Zheng

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