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So Vancouver was an absolute winter wonderland this season. I’m definitely not complaining but I was really glad I owned some parkas in my arsenal. I am someone who gets cold super easily. You’d honestly laugh if you knew how quickly I just fall apart when I am cold. So parkas are really the be all end all of my winter wardrobe. Bench has always been know for good outerwear and it was no different with their 2016 A/W jackets. This one is my current favourite for so many reasons.  

For one, I absolutely adore the fit of it. It has a more fitted silhouette which I definitely look for in jackets as I’d like for people to be able to see that I have a waist, even in the winter. I also actually really enjoy the deep, sack pockets which is ESSENTIAL for me because it means I can throw my phone, wallet, keys, lip balm, and coin purse in there and completely bypass wearing a purse. All I have to do is reach into my pockets and everything is there! 

The last thing that I really love about this parka is the longer back side! I find the longer, asymmetrical shape of the parka is actually flattering, especially since in the front it still looks like such a good length. 

The parka definitely saved me a LOT that day considering it was freakin’ FREEZING by the waters. Been wearing it almost every day since I got it and really been loving the versatility of it. I still love my taupe coloured Oskar parka from Aritzia but I’ve got to say, the black is so easy to wear I actually find that I reach for it more. Been seeing more and more Canada goose parkas on the streets of Vancouver lately as winter progresses. But who says you need to drop bills for a great parka? 

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