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Vancouver’s weather has been more of a roller coaster ride than a PMS-ing girl’s emotions this Spring. We’re known for our unpredictable and volatile climate but I feel like this Spring has just been out of control. We’re jumping 15-degree t-shirt weather (as depicted in the images below) to snow on some days (?!?!? WTF IS UP)

It has been a challenge and a half trying to take advantage of the sunny days but luckily I’ve had a few successful days where I’ve been able to free up some time in my schedule, and just get outside.

I’ve become the most typical Vancouverite—even if it’s still below 10-degrees, as long as it’s sunny, I’m putting on Spring clothes and wearing it as if I wasn’t still actually freezing my butt off.

I pretty much jumped at the opportunity to rock this red tube top from Urban Planet. Slowly and surely, I’ve been converted to incorporating colour in my wardrobe. Although red is already a glaring beginning to this trend—somehow I feel like it won’t be the only bright colour I fall in love with this Spring/Summer season.

Here’s to more sunny days (fingers crossed).

More soon,

Angel Zheng

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