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It seems strange to think that travel could be anything other than exciting—but sometimes, after travelling consistently for a while, we start to miss being at home. If travelling doesn’t excite you the way it used to, don’t fret! It’s easy to re-spark that fire. Just by making a couple of changes, you can put the spring back into your traveling step. Below, we take a look at five ways you can reignite your love for travel.

New Destinations

We all have our favourite types of destinations. Some of us could spend an entire lifetime lying on the beach; others enjoy the buzz of being in a large city, and others prefer to be in the great outdoors. While there’s power in knowing what you like, it’s sometimes a good idea to mix things up and try new things from time to time. So if you’ve been spending your last several travel trips doing variations of the same thing over and over again, pick somewhere new. You’ll be making your world a little larger, which is what traveling is all about.

Change Travel Partners

There are some people who we just love traveling with. We could go anywhere with them and have a good time! But the type of experience you’d have with them is different from the experience you’d have with someone else. As such, it’s worthwhile changing up your travel partners every now and again. One of the easiest ways to add some excitement to your travels is to go by yourself. You’ll learn a lot about yourself! If you don’t want to be completely alone, you can join a group tour, like the ones offered by Traveling on your own is vastly underrated by most people; do it once, and it might become your preferred way to take a trip.

Off The Beaten Path

There is a reason why some destinations frequently appear in the best places in the world to visit: they’re awesome! However, there’s more to life than the popular travel areas. For your next trip, why not look at venturing off the beaten path slightly? It’s a gigantic world out there, with fascinating destinations dotted all over the place. If you’re one of those people who just loves exploring, then it won’t matter if it’s a recommended spot or not. You’ll have a fun time!

Follow a Theme

There’s much to be said for traveling and just seeing what your chosen destination offers you. But what if, instead, you traveled with a specific theme in mind? Taking a wine tour of the country’s best wine regions, for instance, or a food tour of Italy, or following in the footsteps of a literary hero are all fun ways to practice more focused travel.

Rip up the Guidebook

Alternatively, you could consider ripping up the guidebook altogether, and just doing your own thing. Travel guide writers don’t know you as well as you know yourself. Do what you love! 

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