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It’s not been around very long, but the word ‘wanderlust’ has turned into a hashtag on social media at a rapid rate. It’s not just a word that people have jumped onto in the same way they have ‘fleek’, but it’s a word with a real meaning and describes the incessant and almost obsessive need to see more of the world in front of you. Wanderlust is a burning desire to meet new people, get on a plane to new destinations and see parts of the world that have only just become accessible to you due to budget and time. It gets worse the more of the world that you see, and you’ll find yourself googling affordable hire cars and accommodation for far-flung places on your travel bucket list. There is a way to tell whether you have wanderlust in your soul, and these seven signs can tell you that!
  1. The Want-To-Visit List. Sandra from accounts has just got home from her summer break and she went to Machu Picchu to go along the Inca Trail. All of a sudden, the Inca Trail is an absolute must-see and it’s added to your list.
  2. Rationalising Your Cash. Okay, so the tickets to the next place on your list will cost you $600 to visit, but that’s just money, right? It’s always better to spend your money on memories instead of things. If you find yourself working out how far back to cut your budget, you could be suffering from wanderlust. (NB: this isn’t a bad thing!)
  3. Google, Google, Google. No matter what you’re doing, you can easily find yourself procrastinating by searching for pictures of your destination list online.
  4. Working Abroad. You didn’t get the chance to study abroad, but those job sites that show you the jobs that you can do abroad for a year or two are looking more and more appealing!
  5. Travel Blog Research. You heard that you can earn money blogging your travels, and despite the fact that you’ve been working in the same job for years and you’re secure, it’s becoming more of a temptation to ditch it all and write from the beach!
  6. New Things Are Exciting. Some people get anxious getting on a plane, but not you. if you could travel to all corners of the world right this second, you’d be booking your flight. You need to soak up as much as you can and that’s your sole goal.
  7. Itchy Feet Is Your Thing. Wherever you travel, home never seems to be the appealing place to stay. You get itchy feet about going to see new places and you’re bored if you stay in one area for too long. You need that change of scenery to feel happy.
If you find that you’re experiencing the above, you could have a serious case of wanderlust. It’s not a bad thing to be curious and hungry to experience the world around you. There’s a whole world out there at your feet, you must grab it while you can!
Angel Zheng

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