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Have you recently been thinking about all going solo? About launching your own business and being your own boss? Or has it always been a dream of yours? It’s never too late to start a new business venture or passion project to leave your 9-5 behind, especially not when you want to do it alone. 

Usually, with pursuits that we’re passionate about, it’s rarely about the “when”—the question we always get stuck at is the “how?”

What if you know nothing about running a business? Maybe you graduated with a degree that’s completely unrelated to the industry you want to pursue. If you’re passionate enough about the task at hand, then you’ll understand that everyone starts somewhere. Don’t let these barriers get in the way of your goals. Whether you want to look for online jobs to work from home or you want to pick up side-gigs that will allow you to travel more, now’s the perfect time. Here are 5 of the most popular options to get your creative juices flowing. 

Freelance Writer

Let’s kick off with something that you can start on the side, in your spare time. Freelancing! Although I mention freelance writing specifically, you can really swap out “writer” for any other skill or service that works better for you. Whether that be web design, content creation, photography, or even accounting & bookkeeping—if you can find the right clients, you can provide the service. There are even tons of great resources like UpWork, that will help you find your next freelancing gig. 


Maybe writing IS what you are passionate about but you’re getting sick and tired of writing for someone else. One of the most popular digital side gigs that a lot of young adults have taken on is blogging.  Starting a blog not only gives you the opportunity and freedom to create content that you want to create and that feeds your soul, but also can become a great venue for some extra income.

Start by deciding what you want to write about, and then just start writing. Do some research on monetization options because there are a ton! Find one (or a couple) that works for you, and focus your efforts on building on those channels.

Software Developer

Right now, software is saving the world. Well, perhaps not literally—but it is saving us time and money. There’s an app or a program or some other kind of software for most things that we need in life. But maybe there’s something you’ve thought of that hasn’t been done before? Or you just know that you can do something better? To launch software, you don’t need to be technical. You just need the idea and to hire others. So what are you waiting for?

Service-Based Business

Last but not least, maybe you want take it back to the basics, and provide a specific service as your side-gig. This could be something that you have a need for yet no other company fulfils. Or it could be something that you’re skilled at or have always wanted to try. Whether you want to be a travel consultant, event planner, and even some sort of lifestyle concierge—there are tons of different ways you can start building and marketing your business digitally for free! Once you’ve solidified your business idea and plan, you can easily set up a website, social accounts, and whatever else you may need to get your new business into the minds of your target consumers.

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