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My friends have been trying to plan a summer camping trip for a couple of years now, but have never pulled it off. So this year I made it a goal of mine to make sure we go camping together as a group at least once—and I thought the perfect place for this would be Strawberry Point recreation site by Lillooet Lake.

I’ve heard plenty of amazing things about this campsite—but most importantly that it’s very party friendly, and there usually isn’t any family that camp there. I knew we would have a solid turn out so I wanted to make sure we were going to be disturbing any of the other campers.

The lake was absolutely beautiful and was the perfect sight to wake up to each morning. But there was a huge issue that we forgot to consider: because we were camping beside a still body of water, it was pretty much a mosquito free-for-all buffet and we were the main course. We ended up using all of our bug spray and picking up even more for the last night. I got 68 mosquito bites across my body alone ):

A tip to consider if you’re ever planning on camping by a lake: bring a gazebo or tent with a mosquito net tarp so that you can hang out throughout the day without getting eaten alive!

There is also a fire ban currently which means we couldn’t set up a bonfire. Luckily I faced the same issue last year so I purchased a firepit and it really saved our trip. We toasted marshmallows, roasted sausages, and it was the best time.

I had my phone on airplane mode pretty much the entire weekend and it was absolute bliss. Definitely going to make it a goal to do a little camping trip at least once a year to just get out of the city and away from our worries. Despite feeling tired from our little adventure, I am also feeling super refreshed and inspired and ready to take on the week.

Angel Zheng

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