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I know it’s really not the time of year to be writing about beaches in Vancouver—but the gloom is really getting on my nerves and I need to think about sunshine, warmth, and tanning right now. I was looking through some of my old photos and oh man… do I miss the beach.

I caught Vancouver on a good day recently, and took a walk out to Wreck (read below for all the info on Wreck Beach and how to get there). Although I was definitely wishing that it was warm enough for me to get in a bikini and tan, it was nice just to be by the water again. Luckily, I was wearing my brand new Vessi shoes so I could walk along the incoming waves without fear of wetting my socks and getting frostbites on my toes.


If you guys haven’t heard of Vessi before, they are a new company that specializes in waterproof sneakers. They created a Flash Knit material that is breathable and comfortable while being completely waterproof. On top of the Flash Knit material, they also treat the surface of the shoe with repellent so that beyond water, your socks are also protected from sandy water. I really wanted to put these to the test, so I even walked along the sinking sand and splashing waves in the white cityscape shoes 😱.

Luckily, both shoes passed with flying colours, and my socks remained dry and feet warm.

I’ve been missing the beach even more, ever since, so instead of just sitting in my cold apartment thinking about the beach, I thought I would share 3 of my favourite beaches in Vancouver. If you’re planning a trip to Vancouver, come in the summer and hit up these spots.

Kitsilano Beach

Kits beach is definitely the closest beach to where I live and it’s very lively in the summer. The crowd ranges from teenagers, to young adults, to families—it’s a very family friendly beach as it’s surrounded by parks as well, which is perfect for if you’re wanting to bring your barbecue to the beach. Along the middle stretch of the beach, there is also plenty of space for you to set up volleyball nets for a sporty beach day. You can even come and rent paddle boards and row yourself out into the water. Overall, Kitsilano beach is the perfect beach to go to for chill, active, beachy vibes.

Kits beach gets pretty busy in the summer time, so if you’re looking to make sure you get a spot on the beach, you’ll want to come relatively early.

Jericho Beach

Another super family friendly beach, Jericho beach is typically a little less busy due to it’s size. There is definitely still a grassy park aspect to it—again, great for bbqs, but there aren’t the volleyball net poles or the option to paddle board.

Jericho feels less busy during the summer, but because it is a small beach, there are also way less parking spots nearby. The parking lot fills up fast, and you’ll definitely need to park a couple blocks away and just walk over to the beach.

There is a dog park nearby as well, so if you’re looking for a place for both and your doggo to hang, this is it.

Photo by @brandimollicaphotography

Photo by @devonhayley

Wreck Beach

Wreck beach is still, by far, my favourite beach to go to in Vancouver. Despite being a nude beach, it’s got the chillest vibes and best crowd. The beach is quite secluded, you have to take a long stair trail down to it, which is one of my favourite aspects of it. It is going to be hard for you to find free parking, as it shares a road with the University of British Columbia, which means the spots will most likely have been snagged by students already. But because it is right on University lands, you’ll be able to find tons of paid parking on campus.

To get to Wreck Beach, you’ll have to trek down the infamous Wreck stairs. There are two entry ways to the beach: the main entry way down to the portion of the beach where everyone goes is Trail 6 which is on NW Marine Dr., right after you pass University Blvd going north.

The other way you could head down to the beach is if you take Trail 4, behind the Museum of Anthropology. This will take you to a slightly less busy area of the beach. But I’d recommend you at least check out the main part of the beach at least once.

Have you been to any of the beaches in Vancouver? Which one was your favourite?

Angel Zheng

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