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A while back, I uploaded a YouTube video talking about my insecurities. One of the main things I talked about was the excessive sweating from my hands and feet that I’ve experienced I was a little girl. I’ve actually gone to see a doctor when I was way younger, and he pretty much told me that there wasn’t really anything I could do about it. Fast forward through many years of embarrassment, I finally discovered Dermadry.

Through Dermadry’s website, I learned that Hyperhidrosis (what the medical conditional is called) actually affects up to 5% of our entire population. This might seem like a small amount of people, but once you break down the numbers, the prevalence of hyperhidrosis in the US was 4.8% of the population, and in Sweden, among those 18-24, was a whopping 19.4%. But among those surveyed in the US, only 51% of these people had discussed their condition with a medical professional. And in Sweden, only 5.4% stated that they were seeking healthcare or treatment.

So why is it that this relatively common medical condition is rarely EVER talked about? Well, because it’s EMBARRASSING.

Hyperhidrosis can totally impact your self-esteem as well as have an impact on your daily social interactions.In a 2016 study, 75% of patients reported that their hyperhidrosis had a negative impact on their social life, general wellbeing, and mental health. I know I went through great lengths at one point to hide the fact that I suffered from this condition by changing socks 3 times a day, going home to wash my feet, or even just avoiding going over to people’s homes in fear of the moment when I had to take my shoes off.

If affected my life because along with my excessive sweating, if I wore the same pair of socks for the whole day, my feet would stink. Imagine being invited over to someone’s place for a date, and having to take your shoes off knowing that your feet are going to be noticeably smelly…it definitely did not do much for my self-esteem.

So when Dermadry reached out and asked if I wanted to review their iontophoresis device that treats excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and underarms, I jumped on the chance quicker than you can say “ew, what’s that smell?

It’s been about 4 months since I’ve started using the machine, and I’ve created two separate videos talking about my experience with the device.

I created the first video when I first started using the machine. There was definitely still tons I didn’t know about the effects and usage of the device, and I was definitely still trying to figure out what settings worked best for me.

For those of you wonder, Iontophoresis is a non-invasive, drug-free, and needle-free treatment option. It is ideal for those looking for long-lasting dryness that antiperspirant sticks and creams just cannot provide. Due to its effectiveness and its limited side effects, it is also recommended over more dangerous and/or invasive treatment options such as medications, injections, and surgery.

Dermadry is also a home-use device, and is the first of it’s kind in Canada. It makes things SO convenient for those affected; giving you the opportunity to treat your disorder from the comfort of your own home. Treatment sessions also only last about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the area that you’re treating, and can provide up to 6 weeks of dryness. It’s actually insane.

Once you get past the initial treatment phase, treatments need to be maintained as little as once every 2-3 weeks.

So how did it work for me?

I spoke to one of the Dermadry support about my usage, and they gave me some tips on how I can get an even better result. In order for results to be the most effective, you should try to use the device every day at the highest level that you can tolerate. By no means should you use it at a level that feels uncomfortable or painful for you. That should never be the case. However, you will find that the more you use the device, the more you’ll be able to handle. Your skin will develop a tolerance to the sensation and you will be able to raise the intensity level after a few uses.

It doesn’t say this on their website, but the higher the intensity level is, the more effective it will be! So make sure you keep the frequency and intensity high to get the best results.

After that chat, I used my Dermadry machine everyday for a week, and I already saw drastic results. Your treatment area will actually sweat a little more than usual after the first two uses, but after that the results will slowly start to show. Also remember to put lotion on after each treatment as the treatment will dry out the surface of your skin.

I’ve lessened my frequency again due to time constraints in my day, but I am still seeing the results of my week long usage now. My sweating hasn’t completely stopped, although I have no doubt that it would if I continued the high usage frequency. Currently, I can proudly say that I sweat a lot less in my feet than I did even a month ago.

So the verdict? IT FREAKIN WORKS!

If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis and want to give the Dermadry iontophoresis machine a try, you can use my discount on their website.

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Angel Zheng

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