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By January 21, 20153 Comments

So here is another one of those blogger award tag type deals that’s been going around (that once again, I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT). Thanks to Kiera from Bubbasdoll for nominating me ! Go and check out her blog if you haven’t already !

So what this is, is another tag post that helps you discover new bloggers while learning more about the one who tagged you ! This is quite similar to the Liebster Award which I also participated in. I love these types of posts, just like how I love doing tag videos on youtube, because not only are they fun, but you really get to discover a few (newish) blogs that you may not have known before.

So here goes.

The rules are : 

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog. (I mean its just polite)
  2. Tell us 7 random facts about you (who are you behind this screen?)
  3. Last but not least nominate a further 15 bloggers you feel has an awesome blog worthy of receiving this award and you can then proudly display your ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ image on your blog/website.

Alright, let’s get started.

7 Random facts about me : 

  1. I eat an abnormally large amount of food. Not even for a girl. Just in general. (thank god for my metabolism!)
  2. I have a fear of heights, but at the same time, the fear thrills me… so I kind of love heights.
  3. I am a ride warrior. AKA I will go on any ride in any amusement park, no questions asked. (adrenaline junkie? just a little bit)
  4. I am EXTREMELY stubborn. Definitely not my best trait.
  5. I get emotional about things easily, because I care a lot about stupid things.
  6. I make youtube videos ! (subliminal messaging. HA. check out my channel here)
  7. I am a middle child, I have an older half sister, and a younger sister.

Alright now for the hard part :/ I always have trouble finding enough bloggers to tag ! and I mean.. really.. EVERY blogger deserves this “award” sooo…. 15?

  1. Hello October
  2. The Little Magpie
  3. Couture Girl
  4. Erin and Kat Talk Beauty
  5. The Black Pearl
  6. Think With Depth
  7. Exactly Jess
  8. Viva La Vida
  9. J. Potter
  10. Denim and Dumplings
  11. Missy Red 
  12. Meet Me at 2 Am
  13. Rose Color Glasses
  14. Ordinary Goings On
  15. En Pointe Fashion

Definitely check out all the nominees as well as Kiera’s blog !

If you’re reading this, DO IT ! This is definitely not just limited to the 15 nominees ! If you do it comment and link me to your post ! I would love to read it (:

Until next time,

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