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So I’m going to start out this post slightly annoyed because in the process of switching hosting sites I lost all the posts I’ve posted since December 9th. Which means all the posts I’ve written in the past month and a half (including my new years post) has now been wiped from the blog. Has any of you experienced losing content before? IT SUCKS. 11/10 do not recommend.

But the show must go on, and I really did enjoy the photos from Nelson the Seagull so here’s my second attempt at introducing this lovely coffee shop to y’all. 

Nelson the Seagull is located on Carrall street in Gastown, Vancouver. It’s a spacious coffee shop with some cute nooks and crannies that are perfect for photos (see above for cute couch and plant!) There are a mix of 2-person tables to tables that could probably fit 6 people in total. It’s a really great spot for studying or catching up.

One thing that really set this place apart for me was their food! Not too many coffee shops in Vancouver serve REAL, yummy food (and by “real” I mean food that isn’t just muffins and banana loaves and cookies). Although NtheS has a good assortment of typical cafe foods as well, I was actually really impressed with their selection of soups and sandwiches. Super fresh sandwiches and delicious hot soups. I would even recommend NtheS for a quick brunch or lunch spot if you’re in the gastown area. 

The only bone I had to pick was the lack of syrups for their drinks. I know there are probably so many coffee connoisseurs that disagree that this is a negative factor but I am someone who can’t stand a bitter drink. I practically just take a splash of coffee with my cream and sugar usually so the lack of flavoured syrups definitely made me a TINY bit disappointed.

But all in all NtheS has still managed to make it close to the top of my list of favourite Vancouver cafes. If you live in Vancouver and are looking for a great place to eat and study (I know midterms are coming up soon…) you should definitely give Nelson the Seagull a visit. 

Alrights, that’s all for today. Still a little bummed that I am going to have to re-do a bunch of posts on here but that’s okay. At least a get even more practice writing right? 

More soon, 

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