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Comfy in Bench *

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Bench Canada reached out to me recently and asked if I wanted to pick out some items from their Summer collection to style and wear for a summer 16′ collaboration. SOOOO obviously I had to pick out some new comfy pieces! This month my theme is definitely ‘Stylish but Comfortable”. 

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Outfit 1

For the first one, I dressed up this simple grey t-shirt dress with a pair of nude strappy heels and a nice leather moto jacket. The cut and fit of this dress just felt a little more put together than some of the other t-shirt dresses I own so I really wanted to showcase that factor in the styling. The length is also perfect I think. A lot of my t-shirt dresses are so short that when I lift my arms and the fabric gets pulled up, it’s a full moon. This dress however covers just enough that it’s not too conservative but not too out there either. I think this outfit would be perfect for a nice dinner or even to the club! I don’t know about you, but if I will latch on to every opportunity to be comfortable at the club. I got the dress in a size small and it fit perfectly. 

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Outfit 2

Here’s a good example of how the difference in cuts, fits, and necklines in a t-shirt dress can really change the look and feel of it. This grey t-shirt dress (leave me alone, my favourite colour is grey) has rolled up sleeves and a slightly lower back. It is also made of a thinner material than the one from above. The fit of this one is more casual and loose than the  one from above, although that one isn’t a tight fit either. This dress is a little bit shorter than the previous but it still isn’t going to show any parts of you that doesn’t need to be seen. I paired this with a classic pair of high-top chucks and a denim jacket. I think this is definitely my perfect/favourite summer outfit. This dress was also a size small. 

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Outfit 3 

Switching it up from the t-shirt dresses this black maxi dress is SO DARN CUTE AH. I’m obsessed with the cut out in the back. I’ve been looking for a new maxi dress for the summer and this one definitely ticked off all the boxes for me. The ONLY bone I have to pick with this dress is the length. I’m 5’8 and even size XS (which is the one I bought) is long on me! BUT I have two solutions for you guys that want this dress but aren’t that tall. I tied two of the corners of the dress together so it gives it a asymmetrical look and also shortens the dress. I liked this option because I didn’t have to do any sewing and I could adjust the length whenever I wanted. The second option is just to tailor it yourself! Super easy just find out how long you want it and make a cut 2 cms away from that line. That 2 cm is your seam allowance so just fold that raw edge over itself (2 cms up) and sew along the bottom and VOILA! The perfect dress is now also the perfect length! 

I paired my maxi with some cute flat sandals and a oversized denim jacket. This is my doing errands or brunch with girlfriends look (I’ve worn it in both those situations already) and I love it! 

I’ve got to say, I was really surprised with some of the items Bench has! I’ve always known of the brand as a jacket brand and never really thought I would be able to buy regular clothes there. But I’m glad I was given the opportunity to re-discover the brand and I’m definitely going to wear the heck out of my new summer pieces. 

ALSO, Bench is having a huge sale on their website currently so if you see anything you like go and check it out! www.bench.ca

More soon!


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