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AHHHH, I’m so excited about this ! 

I finally bought some Citizens!!!!!! I’ve been on the fence about these for the longest time, purely because they’re jeans that cost an arm and a leg. BUT since I do get an employee discount at my new work, and they carry these bad boys, I decided to bite the bullet and splurge on them !

I’ve only worn them once so far, but I’m already in love with them. The distressing is very well done, and the denim itself is extremely soft and fits my body well. I was originally going to buy the Citizen Rocket Porter jeans , but these ones (Citizen Avedon Porter) I actually ended up liking more. They’ve got the same distressing as the Rocket Porters but they’re a little longer (the rockets go to your ankles) and aren’t as high-waisted. Not to mention, the denim is softer than the Rockets are well, so I’ve been really enjoying them. Honestly doesn’t feel like I’m wearing jeans at all, they’re perfect. 

I’ll let you know whether they’re hard to maintain or not, when I’ve worn them for a bit. I’ve heard that you’re not really supposed to wash nice denim all that much, and you’re actually supposed to put them in the freezer if you get them dirty? Idk. We’ll see LOL 

I will rock these in some outfits soon enough… Haven’t had ANY time to take OOTDS lately…. but when I have a chance, I promise I’ll spit them out like hot fiyaaaahhh (fire) and take like ten different ones at one time, so I have a queue. 

Until next time ! 

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