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It’s that time of the month again ! This month I have some new products that I have discovered, that have quickly made it to holy grail status ! Also I have things that I’ve rediscovered, which I always enjoy doing, because it means SPENDING LESS !

1. ColourPop Lippie Stix : At the end of January, I discovered ColourPop Lippie stix, and have been obsessed with them ever since. Although I did order some darker colours as well, this month I’ve mostly been religiously using the more neutral colours ! Specifically Brink and Lumiere ! These Lippie Stix have amazing pigmentation, and a really beautiful semi-matte finish. I’m definitely going to be ordering more when I have the budget for it !

2. Nude Lipliners : Along with my nude Lippie Stix love, I’ve also been obsessed with nude lip liners all of February. I find that they’re super versatile because you could wear them under matching nude lipsticks, or under darker or brighter lips to tone down the look or change the colour altogether. The two that I’ve been loving are the Brink Lippie pencil from Colourpop, and Rimmel’s Exaggerate lipliner in Addiction.

3. Round Kabuki Foundation Brush : I know last month I was adoring the Flat Top Kabuki brush from this brush set for my foundation, but I’ve changed my tune and started using the Round Kabuki brush from the same set. This one is more similar to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. As much as I loved the flat kabuki for really patting my foundation into my skin, this brush can do this same patting and buffing motion, but seems to be a little bit smaller so that I could use it to blend in my concealer as well ! I haven’t really been wearing much make up this month just because I’ve been sick for about 3 weeks now, so I’ve been really loving the efficiency this brush has been giving me.

4. Real Techniques Contour Brush : My first rediscovery for the month of February! There was a period of time where I started to use this brush for other things (blending in concealer, applying cheek highlight, applying a setting powder under the eyes..) but I’ve finally gone back to my roots and started using this to contour my cheeks again. I’ve just found that I like other brushes or tools for my under eye a little bit better, so I decided to try to use this for contouring again ! I’ve also recently been liking a more precise contour, which this is really great for !

5. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer : Another rediscovery ! I went back to this concealer because it was at it’s last couple of squeezes, so I wanted to finish it up, but I’ve actually been loving it ! It works well for when I don’t want to use foundation, and just need some cover up for my under eye, but it also looks great on top of a full face of foundation as well ! I might actually have to go and re-purchase it once I’m finished with it.

6. Mask of Magnaminty : Sorry about the distorted lid in the photo ): WARNING GUYS : don’t leave Lush tubs in direct sunlight because they will distort and melt ! So, I started using this about a month ago, and I actually have a full review on this (which I shall link right here) so I don’t want to ramble on too much about it. But let me just say that this has been doing wonders for my skin ! READ THE REVIEW !

7. Grease Lightening : Another wonder product for my adult acne, this is officially my new holy grail spot treatment ! What’s great about Lush’s products is, since it is all natural ingredients, it doesn’t just temporarily get rid of spots, but it actually helps your spots heal properly ! I really have been seeing great results from this spot treatment, and will probably write up a full review about it soon !

8. Makeup Geek Eyeshadows : OHMYLORD. THESE EYESHADOWS <3. I totally understand why all the youtubers I watch now swear by these eyeshadows because DAAAAMN they are great. My favourites this month have been Peach Smoothie (DUH), Frappe, and Cocoa Bear. Ever since I’ve purchased these eyeshadows, I haven’t even been using my MAC shadows AT ALL. NOT EVEN SOFT BROWN. These were honestly life changing.

9. Fitbit Flex : I’ve also got a review for this coming up soon, but I’ve been loving my Fitbit Flex all through February ! It’s pretty much been on my wrist all month long (minus when I’m in the shower) and it’s been super cool to be able to track my progress with walking !

What products have you been loving in the month of February? Any that I need to try out immediately? Let me know !!

More soon lovers <3

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