My leather jacket obsession definitely started from my mother. She used to buy these crazy leathers in different colours and styles. I especially remember one bright orange leather jacket that she owned and wore every single day for ages. Although I definitely have not gotten as brave as my mom with the statement jackets, I’ve definitely picked up her love. 

This is my third leather that I’ve bought for myself and I am absolutely obsessed! I know what you guys are thinking… Angel you already own the Mackage Rumer jacket (which is pretty much the pebbled leather version of this jacket) so why in the world did you buy the Florica. WELL MY FRIENDS… because it’s an obsession I guess.


This is how I justified it: Although the cut of the jacket is almost identical to the Rumer, because it is made with a softer calfskin leather, it embodies a much more relaxed look than the thick pebbled leather of the Rumer. I find that my Rumer is the perfect jacket to dress up any look due to its loud pebbled leather and bright silver hardware. Everything on the Florica is much more toned-down, from the gunmetal hardware to the smooth leather. It moulds into any outfit perfectly rather than stand alone as a statement piece like the Rumer does. 

And that’s more than enough of a reason for me to invest in this beauty ♥_♥. 

img_0562 img_0553 img_0563img_0545img_0550

If any of you were wondering I bought a XXS in the Florica because it does fit a lot looser than the Rumer due to the Calfskin. I’ve also learned my lesson with my Kenya jacket, which is made of the same beautiful leather as the Florica, that calfskin tends to stretch A LOT more than the thicker pebbled leather. So taking that in mind I went for the smallest size so that it’ll stretch and mould to my body as I wear it. Between the 3 Mackage leathers, I definitely have always loved my Rumer the most.  But I’m not going to lie, I can sense that I will be reaching for the Florica A LOT as well due to its versatility and muted, but still badass, vibe. 


Oh and if you were wondering, my top is from Aritzia, jeans are by BDG from Urban Outfitters, and shoes are Alexander Wang!

Hope you guys are having a good week so far! Happy hump day! 

More soon,