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Been loving the look of crop tops with anything lately. I ordered a bunch of new tops online,which I’ll definitely show you guys once they arrive. One outfit idea that I’ve had for a while (but don’t yet own the necessary parts yet) is a feminine crop top with a boyish baggy jean. I only own one pair of boyfriend jeans, and they don’t even fit the way I really want them to, sadly. I thought that they would, but I’m definitely still on the hunt for my perfect boyfriend jean.
This specific inspo board is actually also inspired by one of my favourite Youtube vloggers, HeyClaire. I’ve been watching her for ages now, and her style has been something I’ve admired ever since I’ve started. She has quite a boyish, laid back style, but always incorporates one or two pieces that really spices and dresses up her outfits. Another thing that I adore about her style, is that it’s very unique to herself, yet stays on trend at the same time. She has that sort of classic rocker vibe to her, but with a twist of femininity as well.
Hope you guys enjoy this one ! Let me know what you think (:
Until next time,
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