I’ve got to say overall I really do love my overalls. I was quite unsure about whether or not I should buy these for the longest time. They’re definitely pricey for what they are. But I tried a lot of different overalls from a lot of different stores and none of them were as comfortable and well fitted as these Aritzia Wilfred Free ones. 

I love the drawstring in this especially, since it allows you to cinch in your waist and give your body some definition. That’s something I didn’t like about a lot of other overalls that I’ve tried is that they’re usually loose or tight all throughout which isn’t always flattering. I also love how soft the fabric of these are cause 1). it makes it super comfortable to wear and 2). it sits on your body really well.

The only bone that I have to pick with these is the straps. The fact that the straps don’t actually have buckles to them and are permanently strapped on to the body of the overalls is definitely a downfall.  I love the look of leaving one side unbuckled and hanging loose casually but I can’t achieve that look with these. I’d literally have to pry open the metal piece holding the strap to the body which I am afraid to do because WHAT IF IT SNAPS. Not worth. 


All in all I don’t regret this purchase because I think this is a cute, stylish (but also comfy) piece that I’ll actually get plenty of use out of. I could throw a cropped sweater on underneath for the fall or wear a bralette under (like I did in the photos) for the summer. I really enjoy how these overalls look and I’m PRAYING that they don’t go out of style again too fast. FINGERS CROSSED! 

More soon,