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Haven’t been on the Tube for a while. But I finally upgraded my vlogging camera! So I thought I would take this opportunity to get back into the groove and start vlogging again. Especially since now school is nearing it’s end and summer is fast approaching. I think it’s time to revisit my love for vlogging! 

I’ve actually been working on a lookbook for you guys with one of my good friends, Thomas. But that project had to be paused because I’ve been a total nutjob running around with my head cut off trying to balance school, my internship, my part-time job, and (what’s left) of my social life. However, I’m done my internship this week and my last exam is next week so I promise I’ll finish up that project for you soon and get on with starting another!

Have definitely put the most thought and effort into this upcoming lookbook than any of my videos EVER so I really hope you like it! 

For now, click play below to watch my Update Vlog! I talk about where I get my lash extensions done in Vancouver, packing for my upcoming trip, and my new camera!


More soon,