What’s a trip without a vlog? Because of who I was traveling with, I felt a lot less inclined to do a talking vlog while I was in Vegas. A lot of our time spent there I really wanted to focus on what was happening in front of me and who I was spending the time with. The only day that I really got to whip out my camera and film was Saturday, which was the day we walked the strip. 

So here is my disclaimer:

I mainly did this video in a recap style because most of my clips were short walking shots of my surroundings. I still obviously wanted to get some footage so I could remember this amazing trip. BUT they aren’t super cinematic fancy shots. But then again, my vlogs rarely are. 


I hope you enjoy this vlog! This weekend was one of the best of my life so far so I’m slightly sad I didn’t get to film more of it. But like I said, that just means I was living and taking in each moment while I was there so it makes it all okay. 

I’m planning a Vegas trip with my girlfriends later on this year so hopefully I’ll get some more footage then. 

The nail place mentioned in the video

Until then, 


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