Starting yet another series of posts !

There is one thing I enjoy, no matter where I am in the world. And that’s a good cup of coffee ! And if the cafe / coffee house is beautifully decorated, it’s definitely an added benefit.

One place I was introduced to by someone in my past is 49th Parallel. The first (and only) drink I’ve had here is the Venezuelan. It’s described on the menu as “caramelized milk reduction, served with espresso and texturized milk”. I am one of those coffee lovers that like their drinks VERY sweet. Like to the point where my black coffee loving friends will ask me whether I’m having coffee with some sugar, or sugar with some coffee. OOPS !

But that’s why the Venezuelan is right up my alley. It’s a delicious beverage that’s just the right amount of sweet. Enough that I don’t feel the need to add any sugar, but not overly sweet that you can’t taste the espresso. Not to mention the cups that they come in (and the colour of their walls !) are this beautiful turquoise-y, teal colour. It’s such a relaxing colour.


I’ve only ever been to their W4th Ave. location, but I hear their Main st. location is just as beautiful. The W4th Ave. location has this beautiful patio space though… that can be closed off (and have heaters) when it’s cold and dreary out. During the summer, however, they slide the big floor to ceiling windows open and it turns into the brightest little area to hang out.

OH ! And one thing I also keep hearing people talk about are their donuts, so I will definitely try one the next time I go.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this place, and definitely recommend it to any Vancouverites reading this to go check it out ! I transited in the grossest, rainiest weather today just to fetch myself a cup of the Venezuelan, so you can imagine how deep my love runs.

Until next time !

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