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Tofino is beautiful whether you travel there in the summer or whether you go during storm season. Whether you’re looking for an active, outdoorsy vacay or a relaxing one, it seems like Tofino has you covered on every front.

It was rainy the first two days of my Tofino trip and as much as we love staying in and playing scrabble, we wanted to see what else we could still do. So here are my 5 favourite things to do in Tofino when it’s raining!

1. Go Shopping/Gallery Hopping

Tofino is filled with creatives and artists who have come here to relax and hone their craft. For you, this means tons of adorable little gift shops that are filled with locally made trinkets, postcards, artwork, glasswork, and outdoor inspired gear. You could definitely spend a couple hours going from galleries to shops throughout town.

2. Restaurant Hopping

One thing that definitely stood out to me about Tofino was their food scene. Every meal I had, whether it was food truck, food shack, or world renowned restaurant, exceeded my expectations, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. So what better way to spend a rainy day than restaurant hopping your way through Tofino. My favourites that I tried:

3. Rainforest Boardwalk Trails

A 20 minute drive away from Tofino, you’ll reach a couple of boardwalks called the Rainforest Trail. These boardwalks are hidden under a dense tree canopy which will shield you from the rain on a rainy day. There is tons to be learned through the signs and beautiful ancient trees to be seen. The Rainforest trail is the perfect way to still enjoy the outdoors on a rainy day.

4. Camp Out at a Coffee Shop

What better way to spend a rainy day than camping out at a coffee shop with a book. Tofino is known for independent roasters so you’ll be sure to find at least one spot that’s perfect for you. Some of the more popular spots in town are:

5. Visit the Spa

Another one of my favourite things to do on a rainy day is to visit the spa. I’ve really grown accustomed to massages in the last year. It’s fun being active—climbing, lifting weights, kayaking, snowboarding, biking—but you have to give your body a chance to heal and relax as well. During my trip to Tofino, we checked out Sacred Stone Spa on Main street. Joel and I both got a Signature Massage which was an hour long and a full body massage. It was AMAZING.

I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a nice spa in Tofino.

Another popular option is the Ancient Cedar Spa at the Wick Inn. I’ve heard tons of great things about that spa as well so if you’re staying at the Wickaninnish Inn or just looking for another beautiful spa option, definitely check them out as well.

I’m already dreaming about going back to Tofino. Have you been? What were your favourite parts of Tofino?

Angel Zheng

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