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Had an opportunity to try out Adesso Bistro’s new happy hour menu the other week and I’ve definitely just found my new favourite summer patio. Since Adesso is conveniently located within the West End neighbourhood, the patio feels like a bouje, hidden, Euro space with its string lights and greenery. The general manager, Bradley, explained to us that Adesso started out as the first drag bar in Vancouver, which is why it’s in such a hidden space. Since then, it’s evolved into a sophisticated resto/bar that serves European/Fusion fares with a twist. 

We tried the Beef Tataki, the Fried Chicken, and the Cheese and Charcuterie Board and it was amazing. Every dish had a slight, unexpected twist to it that somehow seemed to make sense as if it was the “missing ingredient” in those dishes after all. I honestly wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite even if I had to. 

Even though the food was all very well-thought out and delicious, the thing that draws me in the most is still the overall vibe of the patio space. You really do have to experience yourself to understand. So wait for the next sunny day and head out to the West End and give Adesso a try. 

Angel Zheng

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