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Excited to share with you guys something super exciting that hit Canadian retail this past week! 

I’m sure everyone knows the brand Kendall and Kylie, started by the infamous Jenner sisters. They’ve partnered with other brands in the past to launch limited collections for us to enjoy. The only problem is, it’s usually way more expensive for us Canadians specifically because they are usually U.S. brands. Which is why it’s SO exciting that Kendall and Kylie has launched their first Canadian campaign with Ardene

Ardene is known for its affordability which makes me even more excited about this partnership. For those of us who’ve been admiring the Kendall and Kylie collections from afar in the past, we can finally rock some of their trendy pieces without breaking the bank. 

So, without further adieu, here are some of the amazing press photos for the #KendallandKylieArdene collection!

What would you pick out for yourself?

Until next time, 

Angel Zheng

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