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Autumn did not even bother creeping up on us this year. It just went from 23 degrees end of summer weather to 10-degree fall weather in the span of a few days. I feel like I barely got to enjoy the “warm” fall weather this year and it seems like we’ve already started to head into winter. On the bright side, that means an all-new wardrobe and styling cold weather clothes + layering—I’m definitely not mad about that!

Here are some of my current favourite fall transitional pieces for the 2020 autumn season!

beige trousers J.ING fall transitional pants

I’m bringing light coloured pants into the fall, and you can’t stop me! They just pair so beautifully with light coloured chunky knits and coats and I love the snow bunny feel that it gives you. Loving these beige wide-leg trousers from J.ING. (use code ‘JINGAngel15’ for 15% off!)

wide leg slashed trousers for fall J.ING
Since COVID, I’ve really started to appreciate the comfort and easiness that athleisure and loungewear provide in the day-to-day. Love how J.ING threw a unique twist to your classic sweatpants and created these cool and effortless slashed up wide leg sweats that I’ve been loving.
sage green trouser pants
The colour of these pants are just *chefs kiss*. Totally love the fit and style of these pants—they’re sleek, silky, and uber comfortable. So glad I picked these out in October and I can’t wait to style them for more tonal outfits throughout Autumn.
white ivory half-zip ribbed transitional fall seater
This is probably my favourite sweater of the fall—I’ve been looking for a simple ribbed half-zip sweater for a while, and this one just fits perfectly. It hits you right at the small of your waist and is super flattering with all different types of bottoms.
simple grey trousers transitional for fall from J.ING
Much like the first pair of trousers that I listed here, I am equally obsessed with this grey pair. It’s got a very similar cut as the first trouser but is a nice preppy grey colour. Love how this looks with black sweaters and blazers and I definitely can’t wait to rock this one this fall.
What was your favourite out of the bunch?
Angel Zheng

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