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With the current state of the world, there are more businesses that have resorted to remote-working than ever. If you’re someone like me, a homebody who was already was remote working most of the week at their job, then the change might not have been that drastic. But for some, the change of social distancing plus having to interact with their work team remotely might seem like a huge change in their workflow and mental state. I’ve been getting tons of questions about my home workspace lately so I thought I would share the best workspace and productivity setup for remote working!

Best Workspace Setup for Remote Working


My current workhorse is the 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro This computer is so powerful and really meets all of my needs when it comes to design and coding work (heavy on the design, light on the coding). I also use this for editing all of my YouTube videos which is amazing for as well.

I also just recently got the 2020 iPad Pro 11” and it has been an amazing addition to my workflow. This device is the most powerful table I’ve used to date and it’s amazing how much you can now do just on an iPad.

The second monitor that I use is this Samsung 28″ 4K UHD monitor. Although the screen colours aren’t the same as my Macbook, I think it still serves its purpose well and produces super clear images. The only bone I have to pick with this monitor is it’s lack of height adjustment. The stand, much like an Apple Monitor stand, can only be positioned at one angle and one height. So I did end up buying a monitor stand to help with this which you can find in the list of my physical workspace setup products below—designed specifically for remote working!

Standing Desk

Standing desk from primecables

One of the best gifts I’ve received was my standing desk from Joel. He bought this for me Christmas of 2019 and it’s something I use every single day. Since I work from home mostly, this has definitely helped with not only my physical comfort but also my focus throughout a long day.

I got my table-top separate from my standing desk. I wanted a really wide and deep table-top in a light wood so I got this one from Ikea. If you ask me what’s the one product from this list (other than the hardware of course) that you need for your remote working workspace set up, this is it!

Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand from Samdi Amazon

As far as aesthetics go, this one from Enkel Studios is probably one of the best-looking laptop stands I’ve seen on the internet. Although it doesn’t have the versatility of height-adjustable stands, I love how beautiful and well made it is. The height and angle it provides works for me as well so I have no complaints.

Monitor Stand

Etsy Monitor Stand wood beautiful workspace

There are tons of beautiful handmade workspace products on Etsy as well and that’s where I got my monitor stand. Although Samdi (the brand that my laptop stand is by) also makes a Monitor stand, it was sold out at the time I was looking for a monitor stand. So I opted for this one from Enkel Studios. the only worry I had was that the colour of the wood would be drastically different from my desk and laptop stand and that it would look bad together.

However, everything ended up pairing really beautifully together so I’m super happy with how it turned out!

Charging Pad

Ikea Charging Pad for Devices

I love this charging pad from Ikea because of it’s look. The cork piece around the charging pad is actually meant to fit into the holes that are on the back of some of their desks that were made for hiding electrical codes. However, I actually really love how the cork looks with my light desk so I kept it as is!

Apple Magic Keyboard & Mouse

Apple Magic and Mouse

When I’m at home, I usually have my laptop plugged into my monitor which means I also use a separate keyboard and mouse set up. I have found that some people don’t love the Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse but I find that it works really well for me.

I love how compact both products are (and not to mention how beautiful). I have considered switching over to the Logitech Craft keyboard but ended up deciding to stick with my Apple products for the look and feel.

Apple AirPods

Have you caught on that I’m an Apple fanatic yet? I got the Apple Airpods for my birthday in 2019 and they’ve been awesome. I do have issues with it now and again, but nothing beyond regular Bluetooth connection issues that I also have with other devices. I don’t have the Airpods with the wireless charging case but if I do decide I need them one day, Apple actually lets you purchase them separately.

Bose QC35

When I’m not using my Airpods, I use my Bose QC35 headphones. These are one of the most comfortable headphones that I use and they’re my go-to whenever I’m traveling or need to focus on work. They do have a known issue that has also happened to me though. After a couple of months, the headphones started to make this static sound when the noise-cancellation is on and you have nothing playing. This really annoyed me at first but I found that the static went away when you’re playing something or when you turned the noise-cancellation off. I’ve learned to live with the flaw but do plan on upgrading to their new headphones in the future when I have extra cash.

BenQ ScreenBar Lite

If lighting is an issue for you, what you need may not be a traditional lamp. BenQ sent me their ScreenBar Lite last year to try and I absolutely loved its compact style and amazing functionality. Not only are you able to adjust the tones of the light to be more comfortable for your eyes, it also produces a bright light that does not reflect off your monitor. It will easily clip onto the top of your laptop to provide clear and comfortable lighting to your workspace

Am I Happy With My Setup?

Yes! There are definitely things that I will probably upgrade over the years (like my hardware and if any of my tools break) but this set up has definitely been the closest I’ve come to my perfect productive workspace! Stay tuned for my next article about my product software setup.

Angel Zheng

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