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You’ve probably seen one or two (or a hundred) bright accent candles on Instagram lately. I won’t lie, I’ve found myself spending one too many hours searching for fun (yet affordable) candle accents for my own home!

Although expensive, some of these accent pieces are unique and beautiful enough that it’ll make you want to never burn them and keep them as decor pieces instead!

Here are some of the most beautiful bright accent candles that you can get for your home today!

Lex Pott Candles

Lex Pott Twist Candle

These are probably the most popular accent candle you’ll find on social media today. The fun twist designed mixed with the bright colours makes this the perfect pieces to brighten up your home.

Most colours are sold out across the internet but I found (and purchased) this bright yellow one from Urban Outfitters.

Twist CandleTwist Candles

Spiral Candles

There are several different retailers that carry similar spiral candles but similar to the Lex Pott ones, this candle is a fun twist (haha) on your typical candle stick. You can find similar ones here and here.

Goober Candle

Area Ware Goober Candles

I am stupid obsessed with how adorable these Goober candles are. Designed by Talbot & Yoon in their Brooklyn studio, each goober is distinctive and unique and take on their own cute bubbly shape.

Colour drip candles

Urban Outfitters Colour Drip Candles

If you’re looking for something that’s actually meant to be burnt, check out these beautiful colour drip candles from Urban Outfitters. Love how these get more and more beautiful as you burn them! Stop burning them at any point you’d like to create your own unique candle drip look!

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