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As travelling is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the lives of young people, our generation is now a lot more mindful of their career choices. Quitting your job to go travel the world is a thing of the past—everyone now is considering how they can do both. So realistically, what jobs will take you far and wide without leaving you completely broke? 


Nursing is a great option for those who are interested in living in another city or country. After all, there is not a country in the world that does not have a need for nurses. This means that this is the sort of career that can take you anywhere. Nevertheless, it is also a very demanding and sometimes upsetting career, so you still need to make sure that this career choice is something that you are passionate about and love. Nursing is not a job to be lightly considered just for its travel potential.

Cruise ship work

A lot of people decide to do cruise ship work for a number of years so that they have a great opportunity to see the world. There are many different job opportunities on cruise ships, from working in the entertainment crew to working behind the reception desk. Again, working on a ship is definitely not for everyone. Make sure you find out if you get seasick first! 


The Internet has made it possible for people to work remotely. This means that all you need is a laptop and a good Internet connection and you are good to go. There are many freelancing opportunities available to people today, from writing and design to translation and software development. If you have a skill that can be delivered over the web, this is certainly worth considering.


Another option for those who want to travel is teaching overseas. From English teaching to kindergarten volunteering, there are many different ways you can get into teaching in another country. The good thing about this job is that it can literally take you anywhere, and with every country that you add to your CV, the more doors that open elsewhere.


If you don’t want to be involved in healthcare from the nursing perspective, you may want to focus more on mental health. There are many different paths you can go down with a counselling degree, depending on the country you visit. From helping abandoned youths to assisting people with mental health problems in prison, the options vary considerably.

Flight attendant

Last but not least, a flight attendant may seem like an obvious option, but it is definitely worth thinking about. If you manage to become a long haul flight attendant, you will find that you often have to stay overnight in certain locations, so you will get a little bit of an opportunity to explore. However, although you’ll be able to visit a lot of different places, you will rarely have time to stay and explore places. Definitely something to keep in mind when considering this career path.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding some of the best careers to go for if you have dreams of travelling the world. The best thing to do now is research each career option in further detail to find out whether it matches with your skill set and attributes. This should help you to find the perfect career path for you.

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