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It’s almost embarrassing how long it takes me to finish a book nowadays. Even the page-turners seem to take me weeks to complete. Makes me reminisce on the days I stayed up all night devouring books. Now I put them down by 11:58 pm to make sure I fulfill my 12:00 am bedtime ???

My most recent read has been Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I was obsessed after the first chapter. The almost-satirical descriptions of the decadent old-aged wealth of these Asians and how it affects their behaviour, lifestyle, and beliefs is totally addictive. Living in Vancouver, I have always been surrounded by families and people who clearly come from a very wealthy background. With the Chinese wealth boom that has happened in the last decade, it has sparked a whole new group of Chinese people who proudly flash and boast about their wealth. And hats off to them! What’s the point of making money if you can’t spend the money!

But this behaviour almost leaves an air of mystery around their flashy lifestyle. It makes you wonder how rich these people really are… And that’s what the biggest selling point of this book was to me. It delves deep into how money and wealth are handled by ultra rich Asians. And BOY was it delicious and exciting.

With Rachel added into the mix as the “normal” girl in Nick’s rich world, it added a sense of relatability to the story which I thought was a great grounding point. I loved how Kwan created this new-age love and blended it in so effortlessly with this elaborate traditional wealth and culture. Not to mention all the current Asian culture references and language usage gave me moments where I was laughing out loud and thinking about how I can almost hear my Asian relatives saying and acting this way.

Overall, I give this books 5 stars! It was the perfect book for an “escape” read during this busy month. I just ordered China Rich Girlfriend, the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians so I’ll be doing a follow-up post about this series soon! 

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