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I’ve never been good at dressing for the weather, and today was no different. Some days you’re healthy and you wear regular sweaters that actually keep you warm. Some days you have strep throat and you wear cropped sweaters ?

Clearly not making the best life choices but I’m too obsessed with this sweater! I purchased this yesterday at Urban Outfitters. Usually, by this time of the year, I usually am ready to settle down and lose myself in carbs and only be seen in big sweaters and even bigger coats. But this year, I’ve wanted to maintain my summer bod and my way to stay motivated is by wearing cropped sweaters!


The one that I’m wearing is by Silence + Noise. It’s got amazing thick ribbing details and frayed edges which are both features that I love in sweaters. Not to mention the amazing slouchy silhouette is truly giving me life this autumn.

It also comes in a black colour and I am seriously considering copping it as well because THAT’S how much I love it.

I also really like this one, also by Silence + Noise, in the mustard yellow colour. The fit is very different but I like how it’s still a baggier fit.

If you’re not looking to spend $80 dollars on a trendy sweater, Forever 21 has some great affordable options that are just as cute.

The first frayed maroon one has the most similar feel to the UO one I’m wearing but it’s actually a knit hoodie. The second maroon one is a tighter fit but has an amazing frayed and distressed detailing. There’s also the black frayed sweater which is only distressed at the hems if you’re not into distressing in the middle of sweaters. It’s also a nice baggier fit. Along the same category, but a slightly different style, is this beige cropped turtleneck that I think is SO CUTE (and may need to order RIGHT NOW). The hems have this adorable bunching detail ?. And then of course, can’t go without a basic cropped sweater. I adore the v-neck and the baggie fit. Not to mention the colour is SO perfect for fall.


What’s been your favourite trend this fall?

Until next time,

Angel Zheng


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