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Maybe it’s from all the old movies I’ve seen where whenever someone’s having a bad night and just need a cigarette and to be left alone with their thoughts, they’re always escaping to the fire escape. Although these old buildings with fire escapes appear all over the world, New York is infamous for them. That’s why whenever I’m there staying in an Airbnb, I am always super excited when I find the fire escape.

I’ve dreamt of having my own red brick or brown stone apartment with a fire escape ever since I was small. And although my current apartment is the opposite of all of those requirements, I love it nonetheless. But there’s just something about the thought of being able to crawl on to the fire escape on a warm summer night with a throw blanket, a candle, and maybe a book… is just SUCH an appealing and relaxing thought.

Fire Escape Outfit #1

This is my “I’m Serena Vanderwoodsen visiting Dan Humphrey in Brooklyn and hanging out on his windowsill” outfit—fitting right? Low key does anyone relate most things in New York to Gossip Girl still? I really love how this cropped black turtleneck from Urban Outfitters looks with my wool Hopper skirt from Aritzia.  Definitely gives the outfit a “preppy” feel which I actually really enjoy sporting.

Fire Escape Outfit #2

I wanted to embody my inner “chill girl” vibe with this outfit. It’s what I imagine I would wear on a regular day if I lived in New York. As if I just ran out to the bodega on the corner for the some breakfast, ran some errands, and now I’m hanging out on my fire escape in the Lower East Side. Goals. Both my top and my shorts were purchased at Aritzia, and my shoes are the Nike Low Top AF 1s.

I think most creatives would understand the feeling of being inspired by completely RANDOM things at times. Mine just so happened to be these old-school fire protection stairwells ??‍♀️

More soon,

Angel Zheng


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