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gringo gastown

So I am starting something new on Speakoftheangel. This is the dedicated weekly food feature that I will be doing, starting today ! Each week (sometimes every two weeks, if I’m broke) on friday, I will be sharing with you a restaurant, or cafe, or some sort of food feature! I’m pretty excited for this new little segment because I go out to eat quite often. And this not only gives me a reason to try out new restaurants, but also I get to blog about FOOOOOOD. It’s a win-win situation. This one is from a thursday that one of my closest friends, Cathleen, and I decided to make a “Thirsty Thursday” one week after class. We decided to explore the Gastown area of downtown Vancouver that night, and stumbled upon this great little hole in the wall that we found in Blood Alley.

The restaurant we found was Gringo Gastown.

Now when I say that this place was a hole in the wall…. it really was a hole in the wall. This place was super tiny, but set up in a way that really made good use of the space that they have. They set up a long bar table along the store front window and actually had that entire window open (I think they were sliding doors) so that they could actually place a line of chairs along the outside of the restaurant as well. Much genius. So wow. I don’t know about you, but I loved that idea.


I started out with a Michelada ($6). Made with “Lager, tomato and lime juice, and a chilli salt rim”. I’m just going to say now, I really don’t enjoy drinking alcohol. I’m actually slightly allergic to it so it just has a really exaggerated bad effect on me. The only alcoholic beverages that I’ve enjoyed drinking EVER are ceasars and specific brands of really sweet white wine. And with that being said, I actually barely ever drink either of those things. But it was a rare thirsty thursday, so I succumb to the peer pressure and ordered a drink. I couldn’t even finish it.

It was a good drink though ! It pretty much tastes just like a ceasar.


For food I ordered the Quesadillas ($9) which came with four delicious Quesas and some mexi rice. Although the quesadillas were delicious and cheesy and amazing, what actually won me over completely was the mexi rice. It. Was. So. Damn. Good. I don’t even know how to explain it, but it was just delicious. Super flavourful, unlike the mexi rice that I’ve had at other places, it was really the main attraction for me as far as this dish goes.

The food from Gringo are mostly small dishes like nachos, hotdogs, chilli rice bowls, and quesadillas. Just a lot of really yummy mexican styled food that would go great with drinks.

The address for Gringo is :

27 Blood Alley Square

(604) 721-0607

Check out their website for more information! If you’re ever in Gastown, this is definitely a cool little place to check out.

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Have you been to Gringo Gastown? What did you think about it? 

More soon,

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