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I’ve talked about Clear + Brilliant before on my YouTube channel and how I absolutely loved the results the first time I tried it. I’ve been suffering from a lot of texture and just general congestion in my skin due to my IUD insertion earlier this year, so I decided to do another round of Clear + Brilliant to help with the hyperpigmentation, texture, and darkness I still have!

This time around, I went to Medical Rejuvenation Centre located at 1281 W Georgia St, unit 701. It’s a central location especially for anyone living in or close to downtown Vancouver.

Dr. Morrell is the founder and director of the clinic, and along with specializing in anti-aging treatments and using advanced techniques for Botox and Filler, he also founded the medical-grade skincare line Di Morelli (more on this later!)

Why I Chose Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is a mini-fractal laser treatment that is safe, gentle, and requires no downtime. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improvement in the look of fine lines
  • Reduction in the appearance of pores
  • Improvement to skin tone and texture
  • Improvement in skin’s overall appearance

For me personally, since I’ve been suffering from a lot of congestion leading to inflammation and acne, I wanted to choose a treatment that would target the texture as well as the hyperpigmentation left behind. Having tighter, brighter skin is definitely also a plus!

Experience at the Medical Rejuvenation Centre

Medical Rejuvenation Centre is located on the 7th floor which you can access by elevator. Before you enter the space, they offer you hand sanitizer as well as some information regarding their covid policies. The clinic waiting room overlooks Downtown Vancouver towards the mountains and water and their staff is right there ready to greet you.

Although at first glance the space may seem small, once you enter into their hallways there are actually many different treatment rooms for all their different specialization and treatments. Some other treatments they specialize in are:

The laser and skin specialist that helped me with my treatment was Joselyn. She first took me into the consultation room where we went over my skin concerns, how the Clear + Brilliant treatment was going to help me, and the process. Once that was finished, we took some before photos before entering the treatment room.

Customer Comfort at the Medical Rejuvenation Centre

What’s different about this experience of Clear + Brilliant and my last was the numbing. The first time I did Clear + Brilliant, we didn’t apply any numbing. Instead, I was given a cold air blower which I could hold myself, and aim where I felt I needed more comfort.

Joselyn made sure that I had ample numbing (nearly 40 minutes) before we started the treatment. I really appreciated their attention to customer care so definitely brownie points there!

The Treatment

Overall, the treatment took about 10-15 minutes overall. It was easy, mostly painless (due to the numbing), and quick. My face, post-treatment, was a little flushed, but nothing too dramatic. Overall a super easy experience and definitely something you could plan to do before a trip or a big event (given you left enough time before your next sun exposure).


After the treatment was finished, I met Joselyn back in the main waiting area where she had prepared for me a little aftercare sheet and some written notes about our treatment plan that we discussed in the consultation. I loved that they gave recommendations of products as well as printed aftercare instructions—thought this was a lovely detailed touch.

Overall, all the staff was super helpful and pleasant at the clinic and their client support is definitely notable.


The redness in my skin had pretty much settled by the end of the day and by the next day my skin was looking quite normal again. The only thing to note is that as your skin recovers over the next week, you’ll develop a coffee-grain-like texture across the entire treatment area. This can only be noticed by looking at your skin super close-up or touching the skin directly. But I definitely don’t consider this downtime as your skin still looks like your skin and makeup still is able to be applied with no issues.

The best thing to do for your skin while it recovers is to keep it hydrated. This means using a good moisturizer as well as using sheet masks if you have. I was also recommended to not take any hot showers or sweat for 24 hours after treatment and to make sure I wear SPF. I naturally wear SPF daily anyway so there wasn’t really too much difference between my regular skincare routine and my post-treatment routine.

The products I tried from their Di Morrelli line were their Vitamin C serum, Salicyclic acid + Glycolic acid, and their SPF 35. They informed me that I could use the Vitamin C right away but to save the Clear Skin solution for when my skin was recovered from the treatment. I did however use some of their Clear Skin solution on my chest and back as I’m also experiencing congestion there and I loved it!

All the products smelled really pleasant and overall felt really high quality. Definitely interested in trying them out longer to see what the results are!

Verdict of the Medical Rejuvenation Centre

Overall, I had an amazing experience at Medical Rejuvenation centre and I would definitely recommend it! I love that their location is super accessible downtown, and I didn’t have too much issue finding parking. The staff all seemed really knowledgeable and were amazing at making me feel welcomed and comfortable in their space. Joselyn, the skin specialist, was super thorough in letting me know what she recommends for my skin concerns and why.

I love that their founder is also a doctor which definitely gives me more trust in what they do and their training system for their staff.

If you’re in Vancouver and looking for any cosmetic or skin care treatments, I’d highly recommend checking them out!

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