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After putting it off for so long, I’ve finally finished #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. This book took me a while to finish, purely because I started it at a very busy time in my life. However, now that I’m done, I can easily say that it was very well-worth the read, and I would probably read it again (when I finish all my other books.)

The reason I enjoyed #GIRLBOSS so much, is because it’s NOT like your typical self-help, motivation book. #GIRLBOSS tells the story of the infamous Nasty Gal’s founder, Sophia, and how she went from being a rebellious teenager that only cared about parties and livin’ life, to being a very successful entrepreneur. Her words are witty, wise, funny, relatable and inspirational, all at the same time. Through her experiences and stories, she explains how she never wanted to be who she is today, it was never her end goal. She just took opportunities as they were presented to her, and dove head first into challenges, and essentially worked her ass off doing something she loved. Until one day she realized, what she was doing was actually becoming something amazing. She talks about her lowest points (dumpster diving, and stealing) and her highest points (buying her Porsche!) and how they were all connected. How every thing she’s done in the past, taught her a lesson one way or another, and lead her to become who she is today.

Her book contains 11 chapters, each about different aspects of her life, or different rules, guidelines, or teachings about how she became successful. Chapters that talk about how “Shoplifting (and Hitchhiking) Saved My Life” and “Money Looks Better In The Bank Than on Your Feet”. And then she has practical chapters as well that teach you “On Hiring, Staying Employed, and Firing” And “Taking Care of (Your) Business”.

This is a great book to read, whether you’re stuck in the dumps, looking for motivation, or just looking for a good read. It’s definitely a book about girl power, and independence, and never betraying yourself. She’s a great teacher on how to become a #GIRLBOSS of your own.

Also,  this is honestly just a great book to own and keep on your bookshelf (not unlike my other girl bible : “Why Men Love Bitches”) to read as a pick me up. I’m glad I own this book in my ipad, so I could have it on hand to read when I am feeling unmotivated and lazy.

I have the link here (#GIRLBOSS) if you want to purchase this book for yourself ! I recommend this book to any female of any age! (except maybe girls under 12.. there might be some self-expression in profanities in here)

Definitely giving this baby a 10/10!

SIDE NOTE : I’ve started a reading challenge on Good Reads for 2015 ! My Goal is to read 50 books in the year of 2015. If any of you guys enjoy reading, I urge you to join the challenge as well ! Reading is definitely not something I want to push aside again, so I am making it a goal for me to read more !

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Here is my current progress. Only 2 books read so far, but in my defence, I had a late start ! I will update my progress at the end of each month to see how I’m doing !

Until next time ,

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