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Cooking is one of those things that some of us love, and some of us hate. If you enjoy it, you’ll happily spend hours in your kitchen creating new meals, cooking up healthy treats, and generally having a good time. If you don’t, you might buy ready meals and take out more often, or stick to the same few meals that you know you can put together quickly without stress.

Those of us that love to cook, even when we’re living in a smaller space, are more likely to eat a varied diet and try new foods. Not to mention, home-cooked meals are usually a lot healthier than restaurant food. We’re less likely to suffer from poor nutrition as we’re able to control goes into our food and how much we eat. Want to start cooking more? Here are some tips on having more fun in the Kitchen.

Get the Kitchen of Your Dreams

If you hate your kitchen, its layout is difficult to work with, you haven’t got much storage space, or nothing works as you’d like, you’ll struggle to enjoy yourself. Creative Design Kitchens can help you create a space that you like being in. Somewhere that you are comfortable and happy. A kitchen that’s easy to use, where you know where everything is, and you can cook in comfort.

Brighten Things Up

A dark kitchen can look trendy. But, it doesn’t always inspire creativity and passion. Light walls and tiles, even lighter cupboard doors and splashes of colour can help you to feel alert and focused and give you a fantastic creative boost.

Push Yourself

Maybe you don’t enjoy cooking because you’re not cooking the right things. Push yourself to try new recipes. Experiment with flavours, don’t feel ruled by a cookbook. Take a leap out of your comfort zone, and you might start to enjoy yourself much more. You might even find that you are good at improvising new dishes!

Put Some Music On

The kitchen doesn’t have to be quiet and dull. Put some of your favourite music on and enjoy yourself.

Let Your Standards Slide

Often, we don’t have fun because we put too much pressure on ourselves. We strive for perfection, we try hard to keep clean and tidy, and this doesn’t leave any room for fun. Let your standards slide now and again. Don’t try to make every meal perfect, just enjoy creating it. Leave the washing up until later, don’t worry about a bit of mess and don’t get stressed out if things don’t go to plan.

Master the Basics

If you don’t enjoy cooking because you’re not very good at it, spend some time mastering the basics. Watch videos on YouTube, read cookbooks and ask for help. Master things like a basic tomato pasta sauce and a cheese sauce. Perfectly cooked pasta and rice. A simple sponge cake. Easy biscuits and a standard white loaf. Practice these until you can do them with your eyes shut. Then, start experimenting with the ingredients and flavours, learning what works and what doesn’t.

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