Earlier on, in March, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the “Andy Warhol : A Different Idea Of Love” exhibit, in a gallery in Yaletown. Although I honestly don’t know much about art, I definitely don’t think you need a art background to appreciate the work that Warhol had done. With his amazing use of print and colours, his work definitely was way ahead of his time. I left the the exhibit feeling quite amazed and definitely a little inspired as well. The exhibit is free to visit, and is located on 1280 Homer Street. The exhibit has actually been prolonged, and is now open from April 1st to April 28th. You can check out the exhibit’s website to find out what their hours are, and when you can go pay them a visit.

If you can, I would definitely pull a little bit of time in your day to try to go see this. It’s quite a small exhibit, so you really don’t need much time at all to go to through whole thing. WORTH THOUGH.

SPOILER ALERT BTW. I took a few photos of the exhibit, so if you’re planning to go and see it, and don’t want to see in through pictures, then maybe skip the rest of this post.

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Hope all my Vancouverites go and check this out !

Until next time,

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