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One of my favourite sights that I’ve seen in Ubud so far has got to be the Campuhan Ridge Walk. From my Villa, just north of Ubud town, the Ridge Walk is the perfect morning walk to get to town. My Airbnb host, Ketut, let me know that early morning would be the best time to do this walk because of the heat. If you tried to do it mid-day, it’d be a little gruesome in the sun.

So after my 7 am breakfast, I headed off to stroll the infamous Ridge Walk.

When you leave Tani Villa, the gorgeous 2 bedroom villa I stayed at, you immediately get a gorgeous view of some local rice fields. The farmers start their day nice and early, so even as I was leaving at 8 am, there were plenty of people working the field already.

Once you walk down Jl. Bangkiang Sidem (the small road that leads to the Ridge Walk) for about 20 minutes, you’ll reach the beginning of the Ridge Walk. It starts off with rolling hills and views of the jungle on both sides. The ridge walk is essentially a small paved path that takes you along the peak of a grassy hill. The Ridge Walk itself is only about a 5 minute walk. But you’ll spend a lot more than 5 minutes here just enjoying the view. If you go nice and early in the day, there’s a way better chance of you getting a clear photo with no people in it. But even at around 8:30 am, runners and other tourists had already reached the Ridge Walk so I can only imagine how busy it gets later on in the day.

After the Ridge Walk, I walked straight into Ubud town and checked out Ubud Palace. The nice thing about Ubud is that a lot of the attractions (the palace, the monkey forest, Campuhan Ridge Walk) are all within walking distance to each other. The Tegalalang Rice Terrace is relatively close to Ubud as well, about a 20 minute drive, so if you wanted to, you could see most of those sights in one day.

Ubud Palace was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, and even early in the morning, it was already bustling with tourists as it’s so accessible and in the middle of town. It is free of charge to enter, which is nice, but definitely doesn’t help the busyness.

I’m headed from Ubud to Seminyak today, and I’m excited to see the beach and ocean soon. I’ve absolutely loved my stay in Ubud so far but Seminyak will be a welcome change of scenery from the jungle. If you guys are interested in staying in a stunning villa that’s just outside the busyness of ubud town, check out Tani Villa. I’m putting some their photos below so you can see just how ridiculously beautiful it is.

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Until next time,

Angel Zheng

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