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I recently have been looking into professional teeth whitening services because yellow teeth has always been something I struggle with. My coffee drinking habit definitely doesn’t help the matter. I found Mint Smile Bar through another Vancouver blogger that I follow, and I thought I would reach out to them to find out what it’s all about.

Mint Smile Bar is inspired by the smile bar concept that has been prevalent in Europe for over a decade. The term originated from France, where they are colloquially labeled “Bars à Sourire” (smile bar). Smile Bars continue to cause a stir, as they disrupt the dental industry by offering an affordable alternative to in-office whitening done by dentist.

Mint Smile Bar offers power whitening which is a teeth whitening method where you can expect significant results in a SINGLE whitening session (without the need to whiten for several consecutive days).

If you have ever whitened your teeth at home, 1 power whitening session at Mint Smile Bar is equal to whitening your teeth for 7 days with your home whitening kit (depending on the peroxide content). This was definitely the case for me as usually it takes me at least 2-3 sessions with my teeth whitening kits for me to notice a difference. However, after my 60 minute session with Mint, I found that my teeth looked a lot cleaner and brighter already.

Power whitening is also the most effective way to whiten your teeth quickly and without shelling out an arm and a leg. Mint Smile Bar also carries some at home follow-up treatments for the longest lasting results and for maintenance.

I’ve included a before and after below so that you can see the results of the whitening. I did a 60 minute session and I jumped 5 shades brighter. Feels pretty weird to share photos of my teeth so up-close but I definitely want you to be able to see the difference! (And yes I know I have very uneven teeth ?)

Super glad I had the opportunity to try out Mint Smile Bar. They were super generous and provided me with a discount code to share with my readers! If you’re in the Vancouver area and would like to try power whitening, you can use the code ‘NEW50’ when you book your appointment on their website for 50% off your first session!

Regular sessions are:

$158 for 40 min sessions and $198 for 60 min sessions. But with the ‘NEW50‘ code, it’ll be $79 for 40 min sessions and $99 for 60 min sessions. 

If you want to see my entire whitening experience at Mint Smile Bar make sure you check out my video below!

Until next time,

Angel Zheng

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