I probably eat more than all the bloggers you know combined.


I wanted to do something a little bit different on my Youtube channel lately. Since I’ve been doing back to back GRWM (get ready with me) videos or just make up videos in general, I thought I’d throw in a tag video so my viewers can learn a little more about me !

And of course, it doesn’t hurt if my readers could find out a little bit more about me too ! I love integrating my videos onto my blog, because this way my readers can see my personality and who I am a little bit better. Also, I find that if I can see what a person’s personality is like, it helps when reading their articles because you kind of understand the flow and structure of their words better.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this goofy video that I made and learn something about me (:

More soon,

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  • I love this video! I only started following you recently but I feel I could tell a lot about you from this video and the way you express yourself. You’re an interesting and cool girl!

    • angelzhng95@gmail.com

      Thanks jess ! That means a lot (: im glad you enjoyed, and thanks so much for watching ! :3

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