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Sudio Wireless Earbuds

Wireless headphones have become such a big part of my gym necessities. No more getting tangled up in your wires while you’re exercising. Or having to keep your giant phone in your sports bra and getting it all sweaty (anyone else feel my pain?). I can just leave my phone off to the side and use my apple watch to operate the music playing in my wireless earbuds. IT IS THE BEST. Don’t know how I ever lived without these babies.

If you like how these Sudio earbuds look, you can use the code ‘speakoftheangel’ for 15% off your order. They also have wireless headphones as well!

Lululemon 7/8 pants

I’m 5’8 and my biggest issue with leggings is how they fit. “Cropped” means Capri to me and Capri always cut me off above the largest part of my calf. And I HATE that. So shout outs to Kat and Jessie from the Richmond Centre Lululemon for helping me discover the 7/8 pants. They are the perfect cropped length for my height and are SO flattering. My favourite styles have got to be the Align pants or the High Time pants. So. Damn. Comfortable. Not to mention the fabric is very breathable. They are essentially my perfect gym tights.

Lululemon Sports Bra

Since I have always been a part of the itty bitty titty committee, I always choose sports bra based on their comfort and style rather than their support. So if you’ve been blessed with above average boob sizes, these are NOT for you.

My favourite bras of all time have got to be the Lulu Free To Be bras. They have minimal padding and a great stylish backside. There are 4 styles in the Free To Be line. The Free To Be Zen bra, the original Free To Be bra, the Free To Be Serene and the Free To Be Wild bra. I love all of them 😍

Lululemon Gym Bag

I still have yet to find a gym bag that I like better than my Lululemon gym bag. It’s my favourite for two simple reasons. First off, it has SO MANY COMPARTMENTS AND POCKETS. As someone who is slightly obsessive when it comes to bag organization (I have pouches for EVERYTHING) I really appreciate a well-made bag that has built-in compartments for different things. Mine has pockets for shoes, bottles, change, dirty clothes, accessories… Pretty much everything I need. I also love it because of its size. It fits my clothes, shoes, and even my foam roller without being excessively large like those Adidas duffel that I see sometimes. I usually keep two outfits, a pair of shoes, a foam roller, deodorant, hair ties, a water bottle, a lock, a brush, and resistance bands in my bag.

They currently don’t have the exact style of bag I’m talking about but this sleek black one is quite gorgeous I’ve gotta say, and it’s got a few of the awesome compartments I’m talking about, including one for your hot hair tools! I also love this men’s version with a dedicated pocket for your shoes.

Aritzia The Constant Top

As I’ve been working out more, I’ve been more inclined to rocking the sports bra and leggings look. Something about working out in a sports bra empowers me and pushes me to work harder. Probably because all the other women at my gym in sports bras look like fitness models with their abs and legs and bums. But of course, there are days where noodles for lunch make me feel a little iffy about baring my stomach. That’s where The Constant Held top comes in. I bought these babies in both of the offered colours because that’s how obsessed I am.

I think they are the perfect length and cut you off in such a flattering spot. Especially when paired with high-waisted leggings. 👌🏽

Unfortunately, they are currently sold out online, but the long sleeve version is still available.

Bench Leggings

Some of my favourite leggings that I own are by Bench. I’ve been wearing Bench since grade school. And even as my style has grown past the athleisure feel of Bench’s collections, I still absolutely love their active wear. Their legging fabrics are all high quality but aren’t super thick like some of the more popular brands. I personally prefer a thinner, more breathable fabric when it comes to my gym leggings so that I don’t burn up while working out. This gray pair is probably my favourite one that I own. Their plain black leggings are great as well!

The prices aren’t super affordable but they do have sales quite often, so if you subscribe to their newsletters you can usually catch a few good ones.

Swell Water Bottle

I don’t care what the stigma around S’well bottles are, they actually are one of the best water bottles I’ve tried in a long time. I personally own a gray one in the largest size they have. It keeps my water SO COLD. Which I think is extremely necessary for the gym! Not to mention they are SO sleek and cute!

Foam Roller

I can’t live without my foam roller. It has become a crucial part of not only my stretching and recovery routine but also my gym routine! Before I start every leg day, I make sure to roll out my quads and hamstrings to prepare them for the workout. Being someone who is “quad dominant” I find that rolling out my quads before my leg days ensures that they don’t take over during my exercises and let my glutes and hamstrings grow and activate. But more on that another time.

I purchased my foam roller at Winners for about $20. You can find them at any sports store!

Resistance Bands

Another tool that I don’t ever go to the gym without, I use my resistance bands for the same reason that I use my foam rollers. Doing “activation” exercises before my workouts help the muscles I want to work activate when I actually do my workout. Comment below if you want a more detailed post on my workouts!

I purchased my resistance band at a fitness equipment store but they are much more affordable on Amazon. This set of 5 is a great price and provides 5 different levels of resistance for your different needs.

Hope you found some new products to try out for your next gym sesh! I am a firm believer that having great (and cute) gear is a huge motivator when it comes to maintaining a good gym schedule. At least it is for me 💁🏻

Until next time,

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