A prominent fall trend this year has been the check patterned fabrics. Specifically blazers, trousers, and trench coats. Although these patterns look great in a suit set, I have been pouring over Pins and IGs of girls clad in checkered blazers and casual mom jeans.

So obviously as soon as I received my blazer from Farlala, I threw on my thrifted/DIY’d mom jeans and out on the town I went.

In anticipation of my trip to New York in December, I’ve been really inspired by “street corner” shots lately. I’m making it a goal to reflect that same “caught on the street” photo vibe rocking an effortless model-off-duty style. But since we all know I look nothing close to a model, let’s just make that term a little more personal and call it “working-girl-off-duty”. ✌🏽

Also, as a treat to myself for meeting my personal goal of finding a job before the summer was over, I bought myself my first Celine! You’ve probably seen the Trapeze and the Flap bag in some of my previous outfit posts or on Instagram but both of those bags belong to my very fashion forward mother. As my first super high-end luxury purse purchase, I chose the Celine Cabas tote in the large size and the classic pebbled leather.

In correlation to my new found “working-girl-off-duty” vibes, I wanted a purse that I could take to work (which means it needs to be large enough to hold my multitude of pouches and notebooks as well as my laptop) but also to wherever life takes me afterward. I am completely in love with it and have no regrets spending a HUGE chunk of my first paycheque acquiring this beauty. If anyone is down to see a what’s in my work bag video, shoot me a comment below!

Jacket: Farlala | Jeans: Salvation Army | Tube Top: My little sister’s closet | Belt: Gucci | Shoes: Treasure & Bond from Nordstrom | Bag: Celine

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I’ve got a few more pieces from Farlala that I have been loving so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Until next time,

Angel Zheng