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Lately I’ve really rekindled my love for nude lipsticks. I think it started with the wide spread phenomenon that was the “Kylie Jenner Lip Combo”. I went into MAC one day and practically demanded the MAC girl to show me what Kylie Jenner wears on her lips, AND FAST. Of course she told me about everyone’s love for Soar, and Twig, and Whirl. But then she went on to explain, that Kylie has a very fair skin tone, and that the exact lip combo that she wears will look different on me, because I am slightly darker.

I pondered that thought for a moment, before asking, “sooooo, what do I do then?”

She continued. She was very close in skin colour as me, both being asians with a yellow undertone in our skin, so she showed me this other lip combo that she created that looked like the infamous KJ lips… but on us !

And that’s how it began. I used to never wear nude lip colours, 1) because I can never seem to find the right shade of nude that didn’t wash me out. and 2) because I was all about the bright lip look.

But lately, all I seem to be able to wear is a variety of different nudes; Pinks, browns, mauves.. you name it.


So here is my collection of nude lipsticks that I’ve been obsessed with. It wasn’t until after I started working on this post before I realized I had missed one form my collection. BUT honestly, it doesn’t even matter because that lipstick is my least worn lipstick in my entire collection. If you were wondering what it was, it’s the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Nude Delight


Line em’ up!

So from left to right, let’s talk about each lipstick a little bit.

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Airy Fairy This lipstick used to be a huge cult favourite on youtube, which is why I purchased it many years ago. But like I said, I was all about the bright, bold lip colours most of the time, so I really didn’t put this lipstick into much use. This nude is definitely more of a pink nude. Great pigmentation, and quite moisturizing on the lips as well. This is a great one for just throwing into your purse to apply through the day for a natural wash of colour.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in #14Although this one is from the same brand and technically the same line as the previous, for some reason this lipstick is a bit creamier and more pigmented than the last. Beautiful honey brown-beige nude, it is such a classic colour. This one however, I would use a mirror when applying just because of how pigmented the lipstick is. And although it is a nude, it’s a tad bit darker than the the everyday nude, and needs a little extra attention when applying.

Essence Long Lasting in Barely There! : This one is the newest in my collection, I picked this up purely because it was cheap. I didn’t swatch it in stores or anything, but for $2.99, you can’t really go wrong. Definitely not as pigmented upon first swatch, as some of the other lipsticks in this collection. But give it a few more strokes, and it’ll turn up just fine. This is another one that I would throw in my purse for easy application because of it’s slightly sheer colour. Plus if it gets ruined in my purse, I wouldn’t be heartbroken, because it didn’t cost me much to begin with. I really enjoyed how this one looked on top of MAC‘s Stone lipliner, as you can see here.

Wet N’ Wild in 915B : In the picture of the tube, and the swatch, this colour has shown up to be quite a dark rose-y colour, and I know y’all must be thinking “what the f*? that’s not a nude Angel…” But I swear it is (or at least was) a nude when I had first purchased it. The reason it looks as dark as it does, is because most of the time that I wear this lipstick, I wear it on top of a darker, purpley lip liner. So after many uses, applying and reapplying, the lipstick has kind of been stained by that lip liner (oops!), creating the colour that it swatched as down below. However, prior to the staining, this lipstick used to be a very classic mauve nude colour with a touch of plum in it. If you ever get the chance to swatch it, or even just look at it, definitely give it a try. It’s ridiculously affordable, and the pigmentation and consistency of these lipsticks are superb. Not even just for the price, but for a lipstick in general.

Maybelline Matte in Daringly Nude : Here’s another recent discovery that I’ve fallen in love with. Not just this lipstick in particular (although great) but they entire Maybelline Matte lipstick line. What’s great about these lipsticks is that, despite the matte finish, these lipsticks are not drying nor hard to apply at all. They are actually one of the creamiest and smoothest lipsticks I have ever put on my lips. The pigmentation ? Amazing. The consistency ? Buttery as f* . I can’t say enough good things about this line of lipsticks. I fully recommend these. The nude I have is a true nude with a pink under tone. Very wearable, very beautiful and very natural. Definitely worth checking out.

Maybelline in Truffle Tease : This one is a part of Maybelline nude collection, which I think came out decently recently (HA THAT RHYMED). The formula is the same as their regular lipsticks (which are some of my favourite in the drugstore); moisturizing, pigmented, and slightly glossy. Applies like dream. This specific one is a tan nude with a little bit of pink. Very gorgeous. Something about this lipstick reminds me of the lighter version of the KJ lips that she wears sometimes. It’s a mix between this and this colour that she wears I’d say.

Maybelline in Crazy for Coffee : Another Maybelline one… Told they’re my favourite. This one is definitely not your typical nude. It’s quite a bit darker, and is a brown nude. I think this is quite classic as well, despite the darker shade. I know back in my mom’s younger years, she used to wear darker brown nudes all the time, because that’s what was popular in her days. I think this is a gorgeous colour and a great lipstick. Definitely still wearable for everyday but is just a little more unique that your typical nude.

last but not least…

MAC‘s Viva Glam II : MAC describes it as a muted pink beige which I think is a pretty good description for it. I find that it also actually has a brown undertone in it, which I find seems to look really good on my skin tone. It’s a satin finish, and it is super creamy and ridiculously pigmented (as MAC lipsticks usually are). I will link the MAC page for it here so you guys can go check it out on the website if you’d like. This is what I wear on top of Absolutely It which is one of their Pro Long Wear lipliners, for my perfect KJ lips.


I think there is a great range of different shades of nudes in this little collection. From Browns, to neutrals, to tans, to pinks, to mauves. As I said, it’s an obsession. And I definitely do not need 8 different nude lipsticks, but YOU KNOW WHAT.. they make me happy, so don’t judge me. Plus you’ll see from the swatches that they all quite different…. (at least to me they are)

airy fairy

I hope you guys found this post helpful and was able to find some new nude lipsticks to try out !

Until next time boos,