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Figuring out what skincare works for my skin has been one of my biggest struggles since I turned 19. All throughout high school, I was fortunately blessed with really forgiving skin that almost never broke out. But as I’ve gotten older, my skin started changing (from dry skin to super dry skin to combination skin) and needing different products to make it happy.

Although watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts helped a lot, it was still hard to figure out exactly what would work for my skin. Sometimes, I would try out products that SOUND like they would work for me but ended up making my skin worse. And the worst part? I’d waste a bunch of money trying the products!

Until magically, one day, HelloAva reached out to me.

A Personalized Skincare Routine

HelloAva is a personalized skincare service that’s powered by AI technology and supported by licensed aestheticians and dermatologists. They utilize AI to personally curate a skincare regimen for every client. All you have to do is take a quiz with Ava, and their platform and their in-house skin advisors will draw out your skin type and the best-suited products for it.

Although I am always slightly wary about companies promoting AI use (as then you’re depending on an algorithm/computer to discover your skincare routine), I love that HelloAva also has a team of licensed skin care experts who text you and review with you your concerns, and ensure you’re getting products that will work for you.

How To Start

To get started, all you have to do is navigate to their home page, and click Take The Quiz. You will be asked a series of question about your age, ethnicity, skin type, concerns, brands you want to try, and budget, which will all be taken into consideration when they are crafting your personalized skincare routine.

What Happens Then?

After you take the quiz, it will take you to a results page which will tell you all about your skin type, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and what it needs. Then, one of their skin experts will text you and confirm the details of the quiz, ask you a few more detailed questions, and give you a final list of recommendations. You can also just take the product recommendations from the quiz if you want. They will give you 4+ product options in each category of products (exfoliant, moisturizer, toner, serum, SPF, etc.) for you to choose from.

30% Off Luxury Skincare Brands

HelloAva partners with tons of popular skincare brands that you already know and love. Which means your skincare regimen can consist of products you already have researched or have heard people rave about. They work with brands like Caudalie, L’Oreal, Boscia, Origins, Kiehl’s, Sunday Riley, Tatcha, fresh, and more!

If you want to take advantage of this discount, just use ‘ANGEL30’ at checkout!

10% Discount For Refills

Once you’ve used up your products, they also offer a refill discount for 10% off. So you’ll be saving on your initial order of the products and on your second order if you decide you love your new skincare routine!

If you want to learn more about HelloAva and the quizzing process, feel free to check out my comprehensive video where I talk about my experience with them from start to finish.