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Your twenties is a mixed bag of everything life throws at you—stress, education, new experiences, and figuring out what to do with it. It is easy to let it slip by, so here are some suggestions of things to try before you’re 30! There will be ups and downs, but make sure you make the most of this period of your life, because you don’t know what will be waiting for you round the corner.

Learn to Fail

Success, and pressure to achieve it at any cost is pushed on us all from a very young age, and the effects are still felt well into our lives. One thing that is not taught enough, is how to deal with failure. If you want to achieve anything in your life, you have to try, and with trying comes the possibility of failing. Learning to deal with it is the best way to ensure you remain positive, and you can dust yourself off, ready to try something else.

Few people are successful from the outset, and if you’re doing it off your own back, then you have to be okay with failing. This is the only thing that will put you on the path to achieving what you want. Then success will be that much sweeter, knowing you have worked for it.

Use that Body of Yours

This is the prime time of your life, and the best your body is ever going to be. Making the most of it is a must, and there is something out there to suit everyone. Achieving physical feats whether that’s being able to run 1km without stopping or a triathlon, will show you how much you are capable of achieving.

Using your body will make you realize how much is mind over matter, and that you can achieve so much with hard work and willpower. Not to mention, looking better, feeling better, and all that dopamine you will experience when you get some exercise!

Try Another Career Path

Many people talk about the current market, that it is harder to get jobs and harder to keep them. So, why not take advantage of that? This is the best time to try a different career path and challenge yourself. You could consult with companies like, and go try and find a career abroad, or in a different part of the country. There are so many opportunities out there, waiting for you to try them.

Knowing what to do with your life is one thing, but making sure you make the most of it along the way is a good place to start. Wherever you go, and wherever you end up, at least you will have had a blast along the way. Now isn’t a time to worry about the future, and get stressed about the pressures of life, it’s a time to try out new things, and learn how to get back up after failures. 

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Angel Zheng


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