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Recently, I attended the HJU:Z (pronounced as “Hughes”) Lounge opening at the Westin Bayshore in Coal Harbour as media. The HJU:Z Lounge is styled in a unique Howard Hughes-Inspired manner and is a tasteful tribute to the iconic billionaire and his passion for world travel, Hollywood lifestyle, and art deco style. 

The lounge features a French and Italian wine list, cocktail art, and globally-inspired dishes. Designed by LIV Interiors, the Art Deco inspired room features a spiraling chandelier to represent the momentum and movement of spinning propellers. The room is dressed with plush velvet, golden brass, and curated furnishings. 

The menu is influenced by Hughes’ 91-hour trip around the world such as New York, Paris, Russia, and the West Coast. The menu includes beluga caviar, foie gras terrine, and 28-day aged angus beef striploin, among other dishes. 

One of my favourite features of the lounge is definitely their entertainment. Live entertainment is provided by Siegel Entertainment and definitely is not something you see everywhere in Vancouver. On opening night, Sean and his band performed both classic jazz and new age pop jazz covers. 

“HJU:Z Lounge was created as an homage to Mr. Howard Hughes and the extraordinary life he led,” says Philippe Granbois, General Manager and concept developer of HJU:Z Lounge. “Our food reflects the best of modern techniques with classic ideas, our cocktails take creativity to new heights, with unique blends, artistic garnishes, and hand-carved, branded ice cubes, while our space itself stuns with elaborate details.. HJU:Z Lounge was built around this incredible entrepreneur who thrived off of his thirst for aviation, film, travel, and classic Hollywood glamour. Meticulous in his passions, we developed a beautiful waterfront, global concept that is unique to Vancouver. We are thrilled to be setting an elevated offering for lounge business in the city and creating new life in the Coal Harbour community.”


I think HJU:Z Lounge made such an impression on me because it’s one of the only lounges in Vancouver that captured the glamorous Hollywood vibe in a tasteful and attractive way. It’s the perfect location for a girls night out or a date. Definitely worth checking out! 

Until next time, 

Angel Zheng

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