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I think a big part of career growth that people often forget about once they’ve been working for a while is the importance of continuing your learning and education. Although I totally believe that the best way to learn is to do, there are certain things that you could learn quickly by taking a course or reading a book.

Keeping this blogpost super simple and just sharing some of the best free learning resources out there for people in a Marketing career path. Between these ten different course providers, you’re able to learn about everything from social media, PPC, content writing, SEO, coding, and more!

9 Best Free Learning Resources for Marketing Careers

1. Hubspot Academy

With Hubspot academy, you actually get a certification when you finish the course which you can then use in your resume or on your LinkedIn profile. It is quite a recognized education source so if you can show that you actually put in the effort to complete their courses, it could help with your job application.

Inbound Marketing Course

Content Marketing Course

Social Media Course

Instagram Marketing Course

2. Copyblogger

Copyblogger does have a paid course that really dives into teaching you how to write for marketing, they do offer a ton of different free resources as well.

3. SEMrush

Some of their courses are based around their software, but they do offer a couple of free courses around SEO that are standalone courses.

4. Coursera

Coursera is neat because they offer a lot of free courses by well-known education institutions. They offer an option, when you enroll for a course, if you’d like to pay for the course and commit to getting a certification for the course. This allows you to share and prove you’ve actually taken this course. If you’re just looking to learn without the need for the paperwork, you also have the option of viewing all the course materials for free.

5. Meta for Business (Facebook)

Who knew that Facebook (or should I say Meta now?) also offers courses. They actually offer a variety of courses for business owners but these would be great for marketers as well.

6. Google Digital Garage

Another great option if you want a certification (or bragging rights) along with your course. Google has always been well know for their GA (Google Analytics) course, but did you know they also offer other courses around digital marketing as well?

7. Code Academy

Probably one of the best resources if you’re looking to learn how to code. I found that having basic coding knowledge really saved me many times working in Marketing so I think it is definitely a valuable skill to have.

8. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn seems to offer courses designed by professionals who use their platform. So if you’re looking to learn from courses created by professionals in that field specifically, this is a cool place to go.

9. Wordstream

If you’re looking to learn about PPC specifically, Wordstream is a great place to do it. They offer a PPC Academy that’s going to give you all the most up-to-date information you can find on SEO for your career.

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